Chinese Idol

Chinese Idol
Zhōngguó Mèng Zhī Shēng
Also known as Zhōngguó Mèng Zhī Shēng
Genre Reality game show
Created by Simon Fuller
Presented by Lin Hai and Cheng Lei
Judges Han Hong (2013–)
Huang Xiaoming (2013)
Coco Lee (2013)
Wang Wei-chung (2013)
Adam Lambert (Guest, 2013)
Vivian Hsu (2014–)
Richie Jen (2014–)
Guo Jingming (2014-)
Theme music composer Julian Gingell
Barry Stone
Cathy Dennis
Opening theme A Moment Like This by Shila Amzah
Country of origin China
Original language(s) Mandarin, English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 28
Production company(s) FremantleMedia
19 Entertainment
Original network DragonTV (China) (Season 1 and Season 2)
Astro AEC (Malaysia) (Season 2)
Picture format 480i (16:9 and 4:3) (SDTV),
720p (HDTV)
Original release May 19, 2013 (2013-05-19) – present
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Chinese Idol (Chinese: 中国梦之声; pinyin: Zhōngguó Mèng Zhī Shēng) is a Chinese reality/singing competition program. Based on the British television series, Pop Idol, which was created by Simon Fuller and developed by FremantleMedia, Chinese Idol premiered on May 19, 2013 on DragonTV and is currently hosted by Chinese TV Hosts Lin Hai and Cheng Lei. The show is currently airing its second season.

The series, like its British and American counterparts, aims to find the best new singer in China based on viewer voting and participation. Chinese Idol employs a panel of judges to select the finalists and will then critique their performances, these include international recording artists Coco Lee and Vivian Hsu, Chinese recording artist Han Hong, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, Taiwanese actor and singer Richie Jen, and Taiwanese producer Wang Wei-chung.

Shila Amzah was given the honor to record the Chinese Idol's theme song called A Moment Like This (Chinese Ver.) and perform at the finale of Chinese Idol.


Beginning in 2004, various reality competition programs inspired by Pop Idol and its American counterpart, American Idol, were aired throughout in China. One of these programs include the female-only singing contest Super Girl, which was canceled in 2011 due to the pressure brought by the Communist Party of China (CPC). The CPC had criticized Super Girl for its "western"-style voting process, a feature prominently used in the Idols format.[1][2][3] In 2012, the Shanghai Dragon Television, brought the rights from FremantleMedia to air a Chinese version after the Idols creator Simon Fuller visited the country.[4][5] With this feat, China became the fourteenth Asian nation to air the Idols format. Chinese Idol will also be the fifth franchise to also be broadcast internationally, after Pop Idol, American Idol, Australian Idol, and Pinoy Idol.[4] A panel consisting of four judges were hired to select the finalists and will provide opinion on their performances, which consists of international recording artist Coco Lee, Chinese recording artist Han Hong, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, and Taiwanese producer Wang Wei-chung.[6]


The show consist of several stages,
Season 1
Stage 1: Producer Audition
Stage 2: Judges Audition
Room Audition for season 1
Stage 3: The Ebb Tides (Idol College Part 1
Constestants are decided into 3 groups. Judges decide which group through to stage 4 directly, which group are eliminated, which group needed to sing again without instructment.
Stage 4: The Night of Groups (Idol College Part 2
Constestants are divided into several groups, each group will perform one song, judges will then decide which 40+2 constestants go through. Stage 5: The Night of Groups (Idol College Part 3
Contestant will paired up and sing the same song together, Jude's then decide who go through to the next round.
Stage 6: Top 12 Decider
Judges and the 500 media judges decide the top 12.
Stage 7: Counter Attack
First liveshow, 6 constesants are back to the competition, each competitor needs to challenge 2 constesants, if the constesant won twice, he will be one of the Top 12. Judges, home viewers and the 500 media judges decide the final top 12.
Stage 8: Topic Show
Pre-recorded, 500 media judges and the judges will choose the final 6.
Stage 9: Final
500 media judges and judges will first choose the Top 4, then Top 3 and Top 2, at last, the judges will choose the winner, each judge represents 1 vote, and the 500 media judges have another 1 vote.

Season 1 Auditions

Auditions for the first season were held from December 2012 to April 2013 in 42 cities across China and continued in New York City, Los Angeles, Sydney and Vancouver,[4][7] making it the fifth nation to hold auditions outside its mainland, following American Idol (which previously held auditions in Puerto Rico), Nouvelle Star (which previously held auditions in Quebec), Australian Idol (which previously had held auditions in London) and Hay Superstar (which previously had held auditions in New York and Los Angeles).

Season 1 Finalists

Contestant 中文名字
Yunggiema 央吉玛
Hou Lei 侯磊
Xu Mingming 许明明
Ai Fei 艾菲
Li Xiangxiang 李祥祥
Alai 阿来
Liu Sihan 刘思涵
Luo Xijie 罗熙杰
He Dawei 何大为
Tuo Yunfu 妥云福
Deng Xiaokun 邓小坤

Season 2 Finalists

Contestant 中文名字
Sinkey Zheng 鄭興琦
Zhu Xing Dong 朱興東
Emily 李安梅
Irfan 伊爾盼
Heyson Ma 馬海生
Zheng Qiu Hong 鄭秋泓
Tang Bao 唐寶
Iris 賴儀雯
Yao Wei Tao 姚偉濤
Li Jin 栗錦
Sagi 薩吉
Janice Yan 閻奕格

Season 1 Ratings

Episode Date Time Rating Percent National ranking
1 19 May 2013 10:00-11:30 PM 1.115[8] 4.92% 2
2 25 May 2013 10:00-11:30 PM 0.704[9] 3.32% 8
3 2 June 2013 10:00-11:30 PM 1.341[10] 6.79% 2
4 9 June 2013 10:00-11:30 PM 1.284[11] 5.30% 2
5 15 June 2013 10:00-11:30 PM 1.203[12] 3.67% 4
6 16 June 2013 10:00-11:30 PM 1.471[13] 4.99% 2
7 22 June 2013 10:00-11:30 PM 1.300[14] 4.25% 3
8 23 June 2013 10:00-11:30 PM 1.431[15] 4.92% 2
9 30 June 2013 9:15-11:30 PM 4.120[16] 18.44% 1
10 7 July 2013 9:15-11:30 PM 4.157[17] 15.55% 1
11 14 July 2013 9:15-11:30 PM 4.242[18] 17.14% 1
12 21 July 2013 9:30-11:30 PM 3.648[19] 15.54% 1
13 28 July 2013 9:30-11:30 PM 3.447[20] 12.68% 1
14 4 August 2013 9:30-11:30 PM 3.702[21] 13.40% 1
15 11 August 2013 9:15-11:30 PM 4.252[22] 15.63% 1
16 25 August 2013 8:30-12:00 PM 3.458[23] 11.59% 1

The data determined by CSM.


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