Cambodian Idol

Cambodian Idol
Genre Reality Television
Created by Simon Fuller
Presented by Chea Vibol
Chan Keonimol
Judges Preap Sovath
Aok Sokunkanha
Nop Bayyareth
Chhorn Sovannareach
Country of origin Cambodia
Original language(s) Khmer
No. of seasons 2
Production company(s) Hang Meas
Original network Hang Meas HDTV
Picture format HDTV
Original release July 12, 2015 (2015-07-12) – Present
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Cambodian Idol is a Cambodian reality singing competition program. Cambodian Idol premiered on July 12, 2015 on Hang Meas HDTV and is currently hosted by Cambodian TV Hosts Chea Vibol and Chan Keonimol. The show has finished its first season. The winner will receive 100 million Cambodian riel ($25,000), and become a singer for Hang Meas Production. On November 1, 2015 it was the final round of the season 1 and the winner was Ny Rathana who received the most votes of that round.


The series consists of three phases:

The Judges Auditions

All the contestants sing in front of the four judges and let the judges decide whether they can go to the next round or not. If they receive three or four "YES" from the judges, they can go to the next round. If they receive two, one, or no "YES", they cannot go through the next round. The winners of this round will receive a golden envelope which is to show that they are able to go to the next round.

Theater Round 1

In this round, all the contestants find their own group in four or five and pick their song to sing in front of the judges. The judges then will decide who can go through the next round.

Theater Round 2

The contestants are picked to sing a song in pair by the judges. The judges will decide who can go to the Green Miles.

Green Miles

More contestants have to be eliminated in this round. All the contestants pick their song to sing and perform really well to have a chance to go to the Live Show. Only 12 great contestants can go to the great Live Show.

Live Show

This round, all the contestants have to perform live on the incredible stage with lots of live audiences. They have to perform well to receive vote, and who receives the least vote is going to be eliminated. Then after many weeks, they will find the winner of Cambodian Idol.


All of the four judges are pop singers in Cambodia. They are Preap Sovath who is one of the most popular singer for Hang Meas Production in Cambodia, Chhorn Sovannareach who is also well-known singer for Hang Meas Production, Aok Sokunkanha who is the great and popular female singer for Hang Meas Production in Cambodia, and Nop Bayyareth who is also a famous singer for Hang Meas Production with the distinctive voice and style.


Cambodian Idol season one is presented by Chea Vibol who has worked many years as a presenter on televisions. Chan Keonimol is a great presenter and has worked with many programs as a presenter.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 1 & Finalists

  Eliminated Contestants
  Songs that are performed by artists who are eliminated
Contestant Live Show 1 Live Show 2 Live Show 3 Live Show 4 Live Show 5 Live Show 6 Live Show 7 Semi-Final Final
Ny Rathana Yerng Nak Srer Trov Cher Nak Srer Douch Knea Pi Mdong Pi Sleuk Cher Bet Tvea Bes Dong Neang Ko Kor Knhom Srolanh Phkar Mrom - Ro Dov Ben Pchum Su Kleat - Knhom Kor Tlorb Mean Songsa Dae Bong Pi Mun Chkout Bat Hery - Prot Chos - Neuk A Srolanh B Somros Bopha Kampong Thom - Yu Vek Chun Koach Jet - Srolanh Oun Men Kvol Pi Arom Nek Dor Tey
Mao Hachi Pu Moto Dub Boak Battambang Bondol Chet Teuk Pnek Chonous Vea Cha Lok Sre Chol Bar Sombour Meas - Kathen Wat Yerng Bdey Men Ban Kar - Chob Call Na Tlai Ku Sneh Ku Chomreang Chreang Bat Ku - Kech Norouk - Call Tune Chlorng Chlery Romdoul Steung Sangker - Cheur Chab Bon Tic Mdong - Mak Sin Neary Tmey
Sao Oudom Yab Nis Yab Srolanh Srey Doung Knhom Srolanh Srey Touch Lea Srey Chet Pi Cheang Kat Sok Dai Aek Sen Sronos - Kathen Wat Yerng Chkout Chet Prous Srolanh Oun - Chis Dom Rei Tam Rok Srey Kmov Dak Tean Chet Smos - My Love Don't Cry - Pisoath Sneh Breh Cheu Chab Bopha Svay Reang - Rom Chongvak Rock and Roll - Dol Velea Bek Terb Deng Ta Bong Men Sak Som
Sovathdy Thearika Rous Rer Besdong Vern Ta Kmov Arv Sbek Yob Nis Hert Avei Knhom Prouy Derm Bey Nak Mday Smarn Tae Sros Hery Neng Tes Pheap Nea Rodov Pchum - Rodov Ben Pchum Ro Seal Tngai Chre - Deb Deb Ouy Nov Sok Sok Mean Ah Rom Chong Yom - Pleang - Chob Douy Kmean Vea Ja
Eam Vanny Louk Kro Bei Prous Mae Cham Bong Mean Sen Pkar Rik Knong Chet Veal Sre Veal Srov Kolab Meas Bong Oun Tov Pchum Wat Na - Til Moung Prous Oun Terb Bong Kmean Songsa - Dom Rei Tnorm Sneh
Meas Monyreach Srok Krouch Chmar Sneha Knhom Mean Tmey Mdech Men Brab Tngai Saek Bong Lea Rong Ka Kmean Kon Kromom Sronos Pkar Ktum Kom Plech Preh Rous - Til Moung
Sun Chanthorn Neuk Boak Kon Chrouk Tov Leng Srok Pkar Rik Ler Mek Srey Na Men Yom Chom No Pailin
Soeum Samnith Som Chet Som Sneh Bak Chun Tol Kheng Prous Srolanh Mern Pon Soniya
Kouy Ratin Chorb Bak Dub Chob Sneh Sok Sok Mok Sneh Bong Phnom Bros Phnom Srey
Yong Nita Kon Brosa Tver Srer Mae Men Penh Chet Kom Barom Tha Oun Men Smos Tom Mun Srokeal
Eng Tongleng Rhythm of the Rain Mlob Tnoat Rom Noy
Lonn Sobinn Ontong Sneh

Season 2 & Finalists

There will be an upcoming season for Cambodian Idol on Hang Meas HDTV.


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