Created by Fremantle Media & Kanal D
Starring Haldun Dormen
Gamze Özçelik
Zerrin Özer
Country of origin Turkey
No. of seasons 1
Original network Kanal D
Original release 2004 – 2004
Finalists (with dates of elimination)
Emrah Keskin Winner
Simge Bağdatlı 19 June
Sertaç Yanmaz 12 June
Ufuk Çakir 5 June
Abedin Sakirov 29 May
Faruk Emre Kürklüoğlu 22 May
Ahmet Gülsen 15 May
Meltem Denizci & Emrah Gökelma 8 May
Sevil Kul 1 May
Seçil Hüner Ünsal 24 April
Açelya Kılıç 17 April
Yusuf Emre Uzunca 10 April
Banu Ekşi 3 April

Turkstar was a 2004 Turkish reality television singing competition show based on the popular British show Pop Idol. It was hosted by Seray Sever, Gamze Özçelik and Haldun Dormen. It had extremely low ratings and only lasted one season.

Turkstar is notable for being the only Idol franchise to have featured a singing duo (Meltem Denizci and Emrah Gökelma).


The first series of Turkstar had 9 audition cities to find the best talent in all of Turkey, including:

Turkstar Jury


Meltem Denizci & Emrah Gökelma until now remain as the only duo to participate on an Idol show worldwide (auditioned, performed and got voted off together).

Two members of the top 3, Simge Bağdatlı and Sertaç Yanmaz, were born and raised in Germany. The latter was a semifinalist on the first season of Turkstars German equivalent Deutschland sucht den Superstar.

Semi Final Qualifyings

Top 30
Format: 4 out of 10 making it in each week + one Wildcard

Date First Second Third Fourth
March 11 Meltem Denizci &
Emrah Gökelma
Simge Bağdatlı Emrah Keskin Faruk Emre Kürklüoğlu
March 18 Ahmet Gülsen Açelya Kılıç Yusuf Emre Uzunca Banu Ekşi
March 25 Sertaç Yanmaz Abedin Sakirov Ufuk Çakir Sevil Kul
Wildcard Seçil Hüner Ünsal
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