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Canalsat Channel 26
Canalsat Channel 26

Ciné+ Classic is one of the Ciné+ channels dedicated to classic films from all over the world, mainly American & French cinema. All films broadcast in their original language with French subtitle or in a separate audio channel with French dub (for non-French films).

There is a close association between Cinémathèque Française and Cine classic. this channel support the special events in the Cinémathèque by showing films (for example showing all Nicholas Ray films at the same time when Cinémathèque held a retrospective of director) and also there are some connection between cine cinema classic and la rouchelle film festival in France. The host of channel who give a brief speech before most of films is jean-Jacques Bernard. Recently he is doing his show inside museum of Cinémathèque and in the background you can see poster of first Lumiere films and decors of Dr.Caligari and other magical goods from history of cinema. Bernard with his look (fat with heavy glasses & a passionate look) tries to embody late Henri Longlois.

Every month the channel shows some original documentaries about cinema & filmmakers like films about Godard, Renoir & other masters of cinema.

But most of the time Cine cinema Classic is a real joy. There was so many great cycles (an expression for showing many films from one director in a month): Allan Dwan, Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford, Robert Bresson, Charlie Chaplin, Nicholas Ray, Jean Renoir, Jean Grémillon, Federico Fellini, Ernst Lubitsch, Mikio Naruse and many more.

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