Mangas (TV)

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Launched 2 April 1996
Country France
Language French

132, avenue du Président Wilson
93213 La Plaine Saint-Denis
Tel : (33) (0)1 49 22 20 01

Fax : (33) (0)1 49 22 22 35
Formerly called AB Cartoons (1996–1998)

Mangas is a French television channel dedicated to anime.

History of the channel

AB Cartoons was launched in 1996 as a youth channel on the AB Sat package. It showed Japanese animation (anime) already shown on Club Dorothée on TF1.

Due to the popularity of the genre with young adults and teens, and criticism of the violence shown in the programmes, the channel was renamed Mangas, on 1 September 1998 using the logo of the magazine D.MANGAS (the former Dorothée Magazine, although the show on TF1 had ended in 1997).



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Mangas is owned by AB Sat SA with a budget of €24 million, provided 100% by AB Groupe.


The programming is mostly classic reruns bought from the Club Dorothée era, such as Fist of the North Star, Ranma ½, Moero! Top Striker and Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. However, the channel also shows original programming such as One Piece and Wolf's Rain shown in the original version...etc.

Eventually, Mangas showed several new programmes which are now cancelled, such as Galaxie Mangas (animated by Olivier Ligné and Olivier Fallaix) from 2000 to 2003, Défi Mangas a showcase for short films by young directors, and Mangas à la carte, a programme where viewers could vote for the way they wished the series to develop.

Today, the channel is the only French channel with a bimonthly news magazine entirely dedicated to the world of manga, (paper manga, anime, video games, etc.), which has been broadcast since September 2004 : Actu Mangas. The magazine is co-written by Mylène Patou (for manga) and Cédric Derancourt (for video games) who is also in charge of programming for the channel. The show is also shown in a shortened version on NT1.


Mangas is shown on AB Sat and is also available through a contract on French, Belgian, Lebanese and Swiss cable and on digital packages.

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