City Cornwall, Ontario
Channels Analog: 8 (VHF)
Affiliations CBC
Owner Stanley Shenkman
First air date October 18, 1959
Last air date 1963
Call letters' meaning C J Stanley Shenkman

CJSS-TV was a television station in Cornwall, Ontario. In operation from 1959 to 1963 as a private affiliate of CBC Television, the station was later converted to a rebroadcaster of Ottawa's CJOH-TV.

The station originally signed on as a CBC Television affiliate on October 18, 1959, owned by Stanley Shenkman. Shenkman also acquired the radio stations CKSF and CKSF-FM, which both adopted the CJSS call sign as well.

In 1963, CJSS was acquired by Ernie Bushnell and converted into a rebroadcaster of Ottawa's CTV affiliate CJOH, making CJSS the first TV station in Canada ever to cease operations as its own station and become a repeater for another. The radio stations were sold to a local family, and subsequently broadcast as part of Corus Entertainment. Of these stations, AM 1220 (as CJUL) left the air August 18, 2010 leaving just CJSS-FM retaining the original call sign.

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