Billy Bunny's Animal Songs

Billy Bunny's Animal Songs
Directed by David Gumpel
Produced by Alex Rockwell
Ritamarie Peruggi
Written by Jim Lewis
Bill Prady
Starring Muppet performers:
Fran Brill
Kevin Clash
Richard Hunt
Jim Martin
Joey Mazzarino
Kathryn Mullen
Jerry Nelson
Carmen Osbahr
David Rudman
Steve Whitmire
Music by Jimmy Hammer
Dave Kinnion
Distributed by Buena Vista Home Video
Release dates
May 21, 1993
Country USA
Language English

Billy Bunny's Animal Songs is a direct-to-video film featuring The Muppets. It was the first of the titles in the Muppet Sing-Alongs series filmed in 1990 before production on The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson and released in May 21, 1993. This film was credited as one of Carmen Osbahr's first projects with the Muppets and also served as one of Richard Hunt's final works before his death.[1][2][3]


Billy Bunny sings his way across the forest where he runs across a swamp full of frogs, a cave filled with rapping bears (which were recycled from the generic bears from The Muppets Take Manhattan), and a singing porcupine.


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