The Muppets Go to the Movies

The Muppets Go to the Movies
Genre Family film
Television Special
Created by Henson Associates
Marble Arch Productions
Written by Jim Henson
Jerry Juhl
Chris Langham
Directed by Peter Harris
Starring Dudley Moore
Lily Tomlin
Muppet performers:
Frank Oz
Jerry Nelson
Richard Hunt
Dave Goelz
Steve Whitmire
Louise Gold
Jim Henson
Theme music composer Larry Grossman
Jack Parnell
Derek Scott
Country of origin United States
Producer(s) Jim Henson
Editor(s) John Hawkins
Running time 49 min.
Production company(s) Marble Arch Productions
Original network ABC
Original release May 20, 1981 (1981-05-20)

The Muppets Go To The Movies (or The Muffets Go To The Movies as spelled by Fozzie Bear) is a 1981 one-hour special that aired on ABC. It was used to help promote The Great Muppet Caper.


With the aid of Dudley Moore and Lily Tomlin, Kermit the Frog and the Muppets show spoofs of different movies at the Muppet Theater.

During the credits, the Muppets leave the Muppet Theater as Kermit the Frog locks up the stage door unaware that he has locked Dudley Moore and Lily Tomlin in.



Muppet performers

Additional Muppets performed by Kathryn Mullen, Brian Muehl, Bob Payne, Rollie Krewson.



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