Amphi Festival

Amphi Festival
Genre Electro, futurepop, electronic rock, alternative rock, medieval rock, Neue Deutsche Härte, gothic rock
Dates third weekend of July
Location(s) Cologne, Germany, previously Gelsenkirchen, Germany
Years active 2005 - present

The Amphi Festival is a music festival that has been taking place since 2005 featuring a wide-ranging program for a heterogeneous audience, albeit primarily fans of alternative, electronic music, and dark music. The number of visitors to the most recent event in 2009 was 13,000 per festival day.[1][2][3]

The first Amphi Festival took place in its namesake at the Amphitheater in Gelsenkirchen, Germany but since 2006 the Tanzbrunnen in Cologne has been the site of the two-day festival. Several bands perform both on the covered open-air stage as well as on an indoor stage. The range of artists ranges from electro and future pop to medieval rock and gothic rock.[4] There is also a disco program in the evening as well as readings and theater productions. The theater was used as the indoor stage until 2009 when it was changed to only being used for showing movies and band DVDs or as a disco and the Rheinparkhalle took over the role of the indoor stage for one day until a two-square-meter portion of the ceiling collapsed during the performance by Feindflug.[5][6] There were no injuries but Laibach's performance was delayed and moved back to the theater.[7]

Orkus magazine is the official sponsor of the festival and releases DVDs of the event in their issues at the end of the year.[8]




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