Panzer AG

Panzer AG
Origin United States
Genres Aggrotech, industrial rock
Years active 2004 present
Labels Metropolis (North America)
Accession Records (Europe)
Members Andy LaPlegua- Vocals, Guitar
Jon Horton- Drums
Lauren Krothe- Keyboards

Panzer AG is the name of an aggrotech/industrial rock side-project by Norwegian Andy LaPlegua, the founder of futurepop band Icon of Coil. Formed in 2004, Panzer AG's sound combines Power noise, Industrial, Trance, Rock and other genres to create a caustic but danceable form of music.


After experimenting with a variety of music styles, such as Futurepop with Icon of Coil, as well as aggrotech, power noise and industrial with Combichrist, LaPlegua furthered his sound by increasing the aggressiveness of both his lyrical content and his music. As well, where Icon Of Coil is purely Electronica, and Combichrist dabbles a tad with Industrial Rock, Panzer AG combines elements of industrial music, Trance Music and Hard rock. The result was the full-length album, This Is My Battlefield on the Metropolis Records label.

With the success of This Is My Battlefield, Panzer AG began working on a follow-up album, which was entitled Your World Is Burning, which was released in 2006. A slight departure in style from This Is My Battlefield, it is said to have been "incorporating more of a 'Pretty Hate Machine era' industrial rock feel."[1]


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