Suicide Commando

Suicide Commando

Johan van Roy
Background information
Origin Leopoldsburg, Belgium
Genres Electro-Industrial
Years active 1986–present
Labels OffBeat
Noise Terror Productions
Out Of Line
Associated acts Kombat Unit
Members Johan van Roy

Suicide Commando is a Belgian electro-industrial music act created by Johan van Roy in 1986.[1]


Van Roy began experimenting with electronic music back in 1986. Two years later he released his first tape under the moniker Suicide Commando, and his track appeared on the vinyl compilation Electronic. He continued to release more tapes until he was signed by the rising German label Off Beat. Van Roy's first album, Critical Stage was released in 1994. The following year, he released a second album Stored Images, which contains one of his most popular songs, "See You in Hell". In 1996, he released the compilation album Contamination for the act's tenth anniversary.

In 1998, Suicide Commando released the album "Construct-Destruct" and its sister release, "Reconstruction" including the new clubhits "Desire" and "Better Off Dead".

Van Roy was one of the founders of the Dependent label in 1999. It was on this new label that Suicide Commando's next releases, two singles and one EP: "Hellraiser", "Comatose Delusion", and "Love Breeds Suicide", accompanied Suicide Commando's 2000 release, "Mindstrip", which reached the number one spot on the German Alternative Charts (DAC). The "Mindstrip" album also was licensed and released in North America by Metropolis Records.

In 2002 Suicide Commando released the DCD "Anthology" on Dependent, a "best of" compilation, including the band's biggest hits "Hellraiser", "See You in Hell", "Love Breeds Suicide" ... , and offered some exclusive new remixes and rare versions.

For Suicide Commando's next release, "Axis of Evil", a special edition double single called "Face of Death" was released beforehand. The regular edition of the single continues to sell, and "Axis of Evil" was voted album of the year (2003) by the Deutsche Alternative Charts. In 2004 Suicide Commando released another limited edition double single, "Cause of Death: Suicide + One Nation under God".

In 2006, Suicide Commando returned with the album "Bind, Torture, Kill" (also available as limited edition including a bonus disc, poster and sticker), featuring the single "Godsend + Menschenfresser". The album once again reached the top position in several alternative charts across the world and got voted "album of the month" in the German Orkus magazine.

Released in 2007, one year after the band's 20th anniversary is the "X20" boxset including 3 CD's (one remix CD, one "best of" CD and the "Fuck You Bitch" EP) and Suicide Commando's very first live DVD.

In 2009 Suicide Commando signed a deal with the German Out Of Line label. First release on Out Of Line was the 7" "severed head/untill we die", not much later followed by a new EP called "die motherfucker die" which once again reached the top position in the German Alternative Charts.

In 2010 Suicide Commando released the "implements of hell" album on Out Of Line in 3 different editions (including the single "God is in the rain") and once again licensed in the USA by Metropolis Records.

Again the album reaches the number one position in the German Alternative Charts.

At the end of 2010 even a 3rd single from the "implements of hell" album was released called "death cures all pain".

In 2011 Suicide Commando re-releases his first 3 studio albums as "The suicide sessions", a special limited 6CD box including remastered versions of his first 3 albums "critical stage", "stored images" and "construct-destruct" and 3 discs with lots of bonus material and previously unreleased songs.

One year later Johan already returns with brandnew material and first single ("attention whore") from his upcoming album "When evil speaks" which was released in 2013.

The "when evil speaks" album again gets released in 3 different versions and this time even reaches the official German Media Control Charts at position 47 !

At the end of 2013 Suicide Commando releases with "unterwelt" a 2nd single taken from the successful "when evil speaks" album.

Simultaneously with the new single the band also releases a strictly limited (to 500 copies) picture disc vinyl with a remastered version of their first major hitsingle "see you in hell".

In 2015 Suicide Commando returns with a first new single "the pain that you like" (featuring Jean Luc Demeyer from Front 242 as guest vocalist) taken from his upcoming new album which is planned to be released in 2016.


Studio albums

Compilation albums

Bind, Torture, Kill|F*** You Bitch| plus many remixes, b-sides and bonus tracks ) [2016]

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