Rabia Sorda

Rabia Sorda

Erk Aicrag performing with Rabia Sorda in The Button Factory, Dublin in June 2010
Background information
Origin Mexico
Genres electro-industrial, post-punk
Years active 2003-present
Labels Out Of Line
Associated acts Hocico, Dulce Liquido
Website www.rabiasorda.com
Members Erk Aicrag (vocals), (lyrics)
Jeans (percussions)
Grigory Feil (keyboard)

Rabia Sorda is the side project of Erk Aicrag, lead singer of the Mexican aggrotech band Hocico. Rabia Sorda, like Hocico, is electronic music, though it is somewhat less aggressive and noisy than Hocico. While his main project, Hocico, goes down a certain path, Aicrag uses Rabia Sorda as a vehicle for his own musical creativity. He mixes different aspects ranging from ethnical influences to 1980s-style melodies and punky attitude to aggressive electronic music.





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