Yle TV2

Yle TV2
Launched 7 March 1965
Owned by Yle
Audience share 16.9% (2011, [1])
Slogan Yllätä itsesi/Överraska dig själv (Surprise yourself)
Country Finland
Broadcast area Finland
Headquarters Helsinki and Tampere
Formerly called TV-ohjelma 2
Sister channel(s) Yle TV2 HD
Yle TV1
Yle Fem
Yle Teema
Yle TV1 HD
Yle Fem HD
Yle Teema HD
Website tv2.yle.fi
Digital Channel 2
Channel 32 (HD)
dna Welho Channel 22 (HD)
Thor 3 12.054 GHz H
Canal Digital Channel 2 (HD)
Elisa Channel 2
dna Welho Channel 2
Channel 22 (HD)

Yle TV2 (YLE TV Kaksi) is a Finnish television channel owned and operated by Yle.

TV2 launched in 1965, and broadcasts public service programming, sports, drama, children's, youth, and music programmes.

Programming aired by Yle TV2

In house Productions



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