C More First

C More First
Launched 1 May 2004
Owned by C More Entertainment
Formerly called Canal+ First, Canal+ Film, Canal+ Film 1, Canal+First
Replaced Canal+ Gul

Norwegian site Swedish site Danish site

Finnish site
Boxer (Sweden) Channel 11
Canal Digital (Finland) Channel 26
RiksTV (Norway) Channel 20
PlusTV (Finland) Channel 53 (SD)
dna Welho (Finland) Channel 95 (HD)
Canal Digital (Finland) Channel 150 (SD)
Channel 30 (HD)
Com Hem Sweden
dna Welho (Finland Channel 400 (SD)
Channel 401 (HD)
Denmark = YouSee Channel 300
Get Norway
UPC Poland Channel 445 (SD)
Channel 446 (HD)
Telia Digital-tv Sweden

C More First is a Scandinavian premium television channel owned by TV4 AB showing movies and TV shows. It is the flagship movie channel of the Nordic Canal+ package.


The channel started out as Canal+ Film 1 in May 2004 and replaced the channel Canal+ Gul. From September 2005 the channel was known as Canal+ Film, but the numeral was added again in November 2006. On 1 November 2007 the channel became Canal+ First as part of a major reorganisation of the Canal+ movie channels. The Channel changed its name to C More First on 4 September 2012.


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