Yle Radio Suomi

Yle Radio Suomi
Broadcast area Finland
Slogan Suomen Radio (Finlands Radio)
Format Music and Sports
Language(s) Finnish
Audience share 38.0% (February 2012, )
Owner Yleisradio
Website Yle Radio Suomi

Yle Radio Suomi is a Finnish radio station owned by Yleisradio (Yle). Radio Suomi is oriented towards sports and music, but also broadcasts a mixture of other programmes, including news and contact programmes. The station also broadcasts music festivals. In addition, regional stations produce programmes for Radio Suomi.

Yle Radio Suomi was established as part of Yle's 1990 restructuring of its radio channels. Radio Suomi was set up as a 20-station national network. In 2003 a further adjustment by Yle shifted the station's music to attract a younger audience.[1] Yle Radio Suomi has consistently been Finland's most listened radio station, holding a 44% overall audience share in 1999[2] and a 33% overall share (with higher shares among older viewers) as of 2013–2014.[3]


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