What the Duck

What the Duck
Author(s) Aaron Johnson
Website whattheduck.net
Current status / schedule Weekly
Launch date June 2006
Genre(s) Humor, satire(?)
For the GQ article, see Duck Dynasty § What the Duck?

What the Duck is a comic strip by Aaron Johnson. It started as a webcomic, with the first strip posted in July 2006. The strip has appeared as print in numerous photography magazines including Amateur Photographer.[1] It was picked up for syndication in 2008 by Universal Press Syndicate under the name W. T. Duck.

The main character of the comic strip is a professional photographer who is a duck. The witty humor and smart observations about photography have made the comic a favorite among many amateur and professional photographers.[2]

The name of each strip is picked by the author from those suggested by the readers in the comment section of the comic. The author approves of and even encourages people spreading the strips on the web.

The comic strips have also been published in two books, What the Duck, Rule of Nerds[3] and What the Duck: A W.T. Duck Collection.[4]

What the Duck merchandise is available through the official website.

No new cartoon since May 6, 2016 12:00 am.


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