Heart of the City (comic strip)

Heart of the City

Heart Lamarr (L) and Addy Lamarr (R)
Author(s) Mark Tatulli
Website http://www.gocomics.com/heartofthecity/
Current status / schedule Running/updates daily
Launch date March 23, 1997
Syndicate(s) United Media

Heart of the City is a comic strip by Mark Tatulli. It began syndication by United Features Syndicate on March 23, 1997 and is still running.

It centers on a young girl, named Heart, who lives somewhere in Philadelphia.[1] (One 2004 strip shows her home address as 1512 Spruce Street)[2]



In typical comic strip format, characters do not age but the world around them is shown to change. For example, Dean was seen preparing and reacting to each of the Star Wars prequel films without aging. Likewise, every year Heart and her friends are seen getting a new teacher when school begins in fall but have yet to advance a grade. In the early 2000s (Post 2003, pre 2005), Heart is second grade, yet in a 2009 September strip, Dean claims there is nothing better than a fourth grader at a first grade table, hinting they may be fourth grade, hence slowly progressing in age.

The majority of the strip is devoted to one-shot jokes regarding Heart's obsession with Hollywood and any current fads, Addy's money problems, or just typical childhood situations. Sometimes the strip will also feature ongoing storylines lasting for weeks or even months. Perhaps the most frequent of these ongoing stories are the flashback tales, usually told by Mrs. Angelini but occasionally by other characters.

On some occasions (holidays like Christmas and Memorial Day) the regular series will be interrupted by a single-panel strip featuring a symbolic quote and/or artwork. During early November 2007 a two-week strip was rerun, featuring Heart interviewing an elderly neighbor, Mr. Nussbaum, who along with his sister were survivors of Kristallnacht.



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