In the Bleachers

In the Bleachers is a comic that comments on, and lampoons, sports. It was created in 1985 by American cartoonist/filmmaker Steve Moore and is syndicated internationally by Universal Press Syndicate.

The single-panel cartoon appears in about 200 newspapers worldwide. Moore got the idea for "In the Bleachers" while working as sports editor at the Maui News. The comic was launched in 1985, shortly after Moore was hired as an editor at the Los Angeles Times. "In the Bleachers" has been published in 6 book collections, including "The Best of In the Bleachers" by Warner Books.

In 2006, Sony Pictures Animation released the movie Open Season based on "In the Bleachers" hunting-related cartoons. Moore was Executive Producer, along with partner and producer John Carls. The movie grossed nearly $200 million worldwide. There were also sequels called Open Season 2 and Open Season 3.

On November 4, 2002, 15-second animated shorts by Ed Wexler and Gary Katona of Walt Disney Television Animation began airing on ESPN. Voices included April Winchell, Kevin Michael Richardson and Jeff Bennett.[1]


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