Victim (1999 film)


Hong Kong poster for Victim
Directed by Ringo Lam
Produced by Joe Ma
Screenplay by Joe Ma
Ho Man-lung
Ringo Lam
Starring Tony Leung Ka-fai
Lau Ching-wan
Amy Kwok
Wayne Lai
Collin Chou
Music by Raymond Wong
Cinematography Ross Clarkson
Edited by Andy Chan
Brilliant Idea Group Ltd.
Distributed by Mei Ah Entertainment
Release dates
  • 16 October 1999 (1999-10-16)
Running time
104 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$3,915,929

Victim (Chinese: 目露凶光; pinyin: Mu lu xiong guang) is a 1999 Hong Kong thriller film directed and co-written by Ringo Lam. The film stars Tony Leung Ka-fai, Lau Ching-wan and Amy Kwok and is about a computer programmer named Ma who is found in a haunted hotel by a cop. The programmer begins to terrify his girlfriend Amy Fu, which leads the cops to think that Ma is covering up some larger crime.

On its release in Hong Kong theatres, Victim's ending was changed for 50% of the film prints due to an argument between Ringo Lam and producer Joe Ma. It was nominated for several year-end awards in Asia and was included as a Film of Merit by the 6th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.


Ma (Lau Ching-wan) is kidnapped in a parking structure. His girlfriend Amy Fu (Amy Kwok) informs the police that though he had been jobless for a while and had a lot of debt, he was not a bad man. Police detective Pit (Tony Leung Ka-fai) later discovers Ma beaten, bloodied, and dangling upside down from the ceiling of an old abandoned hotel. The hotel in question is said to be haunted from murder-suicide of the original owner and his wife. On returning home, Ma begins starts terrifying Amy by behaving like the famous ghost of the hotel. The police begin to suspect that Ma's possession might be a ruse to hide something other crimes that are happening.


Victim was released in Hong Kong on 16 October 1999.[1] Two versions of Victim were released in Hong Kong due to arguments between director Ringo Lam and producer Joe Ma.[2] 50% of the prints released contained an extra shot in the final scene that clarified the question of whether or not the character of Ma was possessed by a ghost. The other 50% reflected the original script, which left this plot element unanswered.[3] The film grossed HK$3,915,929.[1]


Variety gave a mixed review, stating that the film was at its best with drew "some remarkable playing from its cast" while the ghost story elements were "the weakest".[3] A negative review came from the San Francisco Chronicle, who referred to the film "as ridiculous as it is tepid. Only late in the second half of this almost-two-hour - way too long! - cat-and-mouse game does the film catch fire."[2]

Awards and nominations

Ceremony Category Name Outcome
1999 Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards[4]
Best Feature Film Nominated
Best Director Ringo Lam Nominated
Best Leading Actor Lau Ching-wan Nominated
Best Cinematography Ross Clarkson Nominated
Best Film Editing Andy Chan Nominated
Best Sound Effects Martin Chappel Nominated
19th Hong Kong Film Awards[5]
Best Director Ringo Lam Nominated
Best Actor Lau Ching-wan Nominated
Best Cinematography Ross Clarkson Nominated
Best Sound Design Cheuk Bo-yi Nominated
6th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards[6]
Film of Merit Won

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