Théâtre des Mathurins

Théâtre des Mathurins
Théâtre de Monsieur (1910-1911)
Nouveaux-Mathurins (1911-1912)
théâtre Sacha-Guitry (1913-1920)

Le théâtre des Mathurins, rue des Mathurins (Paris 8)
Address Rue des Mathurins
Coordinates 48°52′23″N 2°19′33″E / 48.873088°N 2.325861°E / 48.873088; 2.325861
Type theatre
Capacity 386
Opened 1898
Architect Salvan (1897)
Rochet (1898)
Charles Siclis (1922)
Gumpel (1936)

The théâtre des Mathurins, also called Les Mathurins, is a Parisian theatre located 36, rue des Mathurins in the 8th arrondissement of Paris established in 1897.



Direction Marguerite Deval
Direction Jules Berny
Théâtre Sacha-Guitry
Théâtre des Mathurins
Direction René Saunier
Direction Jean Sarrus
Direction Jean Tedesco
Directed by Georges Pitoëff
Direction Marcel Herrand and Jean Marchat
Direction Rika Radifé
Direction Henri de Menthon
Direction Gérard Caillaud
Direction Julien Vartet
Direction Bernard Murat and Jean-Louis Livi
Direction Daniel Colas et Yvan Varco
Direction Stéphane Engelberg, Louis-Michel Colla et Séverine Setbon

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