Taste of Home

Taste of Home
Editor-in-Chief Catherine M. Cassidy
Total circulation
Year founded 1993
Company Reader's Digest Association
Country USA
Based in Greendale, Wisconsin
Language English
Website www.tasteofhome.com
ISSN 1071-5878

Taste of Home magazine is an American cooking publication, founded by Roy Reiman, publisher of Reiman Publications, and currently owned by The Reader's Digest Association,[1] which purchased Reiman Publications in 2002.

History and profile

The magazine was first published in 1993.[2] It specializes in recipe exchange and Midwestern cuisine. Taste of Home used to be dependent entirely on subscriber revenue for its income, taking no advertising. However, in Fall 2007, the magazine began including advertising (as noted by the editors in the December 2007 issue).

Taste of Home has a circulation of 3.5 million subscribers, as well as satellite magazines, Country Woman and Simple and Delicious and is noted as the America's #1 cooking magazine.

Enthusiasts can access all past published recipes from Taste of Home and its sister-publications through the magazine's website, Tasteofhome.com. In addition, Taste of Home publishes annual recipe collections and two general reference cookbooks based on the magazine contents (The Taste of Home Cookbook, published in 2006 and revised in September 2008, and the The Taste of Home Baking Book).

Since the early 2000s, Taste of Home has toured the United States with its series of Cooking School shows in which attendees learn as many as 10 recipes prepared on stage by one of the cooks who work for the magazine. Attendees also get to visit with various vendors in pre-show expos and go home with a gift bag containing vendor products and special Taste of Home magazines including one that includes the recipes made on stage.


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