Editor-in-chief Elizabeth Anne Shaw
Categories Family
Frequency Monthly
Total circulation
(June 2013)
Founder Jake Winebaum
Year founded 1991
Company Meredith
Country United States
Based in New York City
Language English
ISSN 1056-6333

FamilyFun is a family magazine published 10 times annually by Meredith Corporation.[2]

History and profile

Launched in 1991[3] by Jake Winebaum,[2] FamilyFun is written for parents with children aged 3 to 12, and focuses on family cooking, vacations, parties, holidays, crafts, and learning. The magazine was purchased by Disney Publishing Worldwide in 1992 and Meredith acquired FamilyFun from Disney in 2012.[4] Disney Interactive relaunched its site as in 2012. FamilyFun is now part of the network.

The headquarters of the magazine was in Des Moines, Iowa, until late May 2015 when it moved to New York City.[2] In August 2015 Elizabeth Anne Shaw became the editor-in-chief of FamilyFun.[5]


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