Snafu Comics

Snafu Comics
Author(s) David Stanworth, Vinson Ngo (Bleedman), Shaun Healy, Giovanny Hernandez, Matt Herms, Happy.

Snafu Comics is a webcomics site maintained by David Stanworth, an American known online as "SnafuDave". It serves as the home of several comics, including Stanworth's own creations, as well as those of other artists.[1] It is also the source for the free to use Comic PHP script, which automates webcomic websites using PHP.


In the past, Snafu also hosted Digital Purgatory and This Comic Sucks. Its current features include the following.

Comics by Stanworth

Snafu Comics

David Stanworth's original series, Snafu Comics is a gaming comic that debuted on May 15, 2002. The strip has two main characters, Dave and Travis, and the two characters originally spent much of their time playing and commenting on video games, forming the basis of the humor in the strip. The current theme is generally current events ranging from movies, politics, and random social commentary. The strip also sometimes refers to other Internet subcultures, and sometimes features in-jokes that are explained by the news posts accompanying each comic. Although multi-part strips occasionally appear, it mostly follows a gag-a-day format. It is a weekly comic, typically updating on Mondays.

Stanworth says that he altered the art style for different strips to fit different audiences and types of humor; he says he alters it "every week."[2][3]

TIN The Incompetent Ninja

TIN The Incompetent Ninja, or just Tin, is Stanworth's second comic. Tin, whose name is an acronym for "The Incompetent Ninja", is an assassin who is dangerous to everyone except his intended targets. Tin repeatedly attempts to assassinate Chung Him Yuen, a character named after Stanworth's roommate, but manages only gory collateral damage (including killing his master's grand daughter.). Eventually he is sent back to ninja school where he frequently makes mistakes that result in the deaths of various classmates, as well as his "Elementary School Sensei", who would rather commit suicide than teach Tin again. After he is asked by the young ninjas about what happened to their Sensei, Tin decides to take over the class. He eventually founds his own Gang; PMS(Powerful Men Society). In some strips, Tin is pictured in bed next to a pink (female) ninja, and the focus is on sex-related humor, rather than violence. Tin debuted on January 5, 2005, and used to update weekly, usually on Thursday. TIN also has an animated short by Stanworth on Newgrounds. After a four-month hiatus, TIN returned briefly on December 6, 2007, though it has again become inactive since September 11, 2008. But then came back on May 3 as an update of a short paged comic. But soon to be updated like it normally had been.

Comics by Bleedman

Sugar Bits

Sugar Bits
Author(s) DMajorBoss (Former; Deceased)
Vinson Ngo (story, art, line art)
NeoEdensKing (Current)
Current status / schedule Currently Ongoing as of November 16
Launch date March 18, 2007
Genre(s) Action, Supernatural, Drama
Rating(s) PG-13

Sugar Bits is a manga-style series created by Bleedman. Although its plot, characters and locations are entirely original, they do seem to draw inspiration from nursery rhymes such as The Gingerbread Man and Little Bo Peep. This comic takes place within a realm undisturbed by humanity known as Harmonia, the inhabitants of which produce all the pleasurable feelings humans experience; in particular, the characters of focus, from the realm Confectionaria, produce the zest humans feel from consuming sweets. The comic features a gingerbread man named Hansel Gingerman, a member of a quartet of accomplished soldiers known as the Brave Hearts, who protect Harmonia. Hansel has (somewhat) mutual feelings for Ginger, the moody, sarcastic, and spoiled princess of Confectionaria who also created him in her youth. He is also close with the anthropomorphic sheep Bo, a fellow Brave Heart. The story involves Hansel following after Ginger and mysteriously disappearing into the nightmarish realm of Dystopius where he tries to find her; Bo, meanwhile, is dispatched to find Hansel.

Other characters include: King, a talking lion, leader of the Brave Hearts, and a Harmonia soldier; Brave, a tall, mute figure with reddish, armor-like skin who accompanies Bo into Dystopius; Cupcake, a hyperactive rabbit princess who neglects her duties (helping children enjoy vegetables) to eat candy; Professor Cocoa, a chocolate moose who supervises the creation of "Zest" and can only communicate by blowing raspberries; Robin, a vixen sailor who seduces passersby to feed her living ship monster Nemo, but later befriends and assists Bo and Brave and Mammon, a.k.a. Gene, a demonic-looking gentleman who helps Hansel navigate Dystopius, and who seems to have some relationship to Ginger. Ginger also has a seemingly Evil twin sister, Licorice. Other, currently minor characters include Bleedheart, ruler of the yet-unseen Sorrow Sanctum, and Mindsnare, the mysterious apparition who sends Hansel into Dystopius. The comic features a noticeable cameo of Little Red Riding Hood as portrayed in the comic Everafter.

PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi
Author(s) Vinson Ngo (story, art, line art), BeeAre (current)
Current status / schedule Updated regularly but inconsistently (underwent 4 hiatuses)
Launch date January 18, 2004
Genre(s) Fan fiction, Action, Drama, Supernatural
Rating(s) PG-13

PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi (also known as PowerPuff Girls D or PPGD) is a manga series. The comic is a crossover of sorts based on the American animated television series The Powerpuff Girls, though finding Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup slightly older and now going to school in a fictional neighboring city of Townsville known as Megaville. Evil forces soon set their sights on the girls, which led to conflicts as the comic progresses. So far besides the character of the Powerpuff Girls, this comic also features characters from: Dexter's Laboratory, Crash Bandicoot , My Life as a Teenage Robot, ChalkZone, Mike, Lu and Og, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Samurai Jack, Megas XLR, Invader Zim, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, I Am Weasel, Ed, Edd n Eddy, Pucca, Atomic Betty, Hey Arnold!, Justice League, Johnny Bravo, Time Squad, Fairly Odd Parents, Xiaolin Showdown, Cow and Chicken, Medabots, The Smurfs, Robotboy, Evil Con Carne, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Teen Titans, The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, Chowder, Panty and Stocking, Danny Phantom, Astroboy, Phineas and Ferb, Jimmy Two-Shoes, and Sheep in the Big City. Though a large amount of them being merely cameos or references (however some turned into regular characters eventually). Also, characters from Codename: Kids Next Door, Jimmy Neutron, SpongeBob SquarePants and Atom Ant have been said to make an appearance, though this is yet to happen.

While PPG Doujinshi includes many familiar characters (drawn manga-style), the comic also sports many original characters, the most noticeable being Bell, a supposed Powerpuff Girl dressed in white who serves as one of the villains and has been referred to as the "Daughter" of Dr X (originally Dr. Alexander Megalos), the main antagonist of the story. Also, the character Samantha from Medabots uses a new machine resembling a hybrid between her usual Peppercat and the mascot of a Filipino restaurant chain, Jollibee. Samantha is later revealed to be half a robot, complaining in one page to make her "fullmetal".

Also, some characters from the original PPG were reimagined, such as the Rowdyruff Boys who were recreated under what seems to be a secret government program called Project Rowdy (by using a DNA, as seen on newgrounds). This program seems to be run by an organization called by fans as the "Global Defenders", an organization (likened to CADMUS of the Justice League: Unlimited TV series) which seems to feature I. M. Weasel as the chief scientist and an original character named Dr. Brisbaine. The Global Defenders also seem to have links with Mrs. Wakeman and Jenny from My Life as a Teenage Robot, though it is unclear whether they are full members of the Global Defenders or not.

The comic is known to be much darker in tone than the animated series on which it is based. One of the darker elements of the story is Dexter of the show Dexter's Laboratory having to deal with the death of his older sister Dee Dee, who was accidentally killed by her admirer and Dexter's nemesis, Mandark, who himself later tries to commits suicide. It is also known to have characters written in very different ways from how they act in their respective programs. Despite this, some characters retain their personalities, such as the egotistical but useless Irken Zim and his completely insane robot dog GIR.

The comic was the "Outstanding Superhero Comic" and "Outstanding Character Art" winner on the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards in 2005.[4]

Grim Tales from Down Below

Grim Tales from Down Below
Author(s) Heather M. Solomon (former), Bleedman (art, story), Griddles (former), NeoEdensKing (current)
Current status / schedule Restarted
Launch date

December 20, 2004

Genre(s) Action, Drama, Bangsian fantasy, Supernatural
Rating(s) R

The comic is mainly based on The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, but also draws on other series and films with similar themes (such as The Nightmare Before Christmas), as well as other Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon shows (such as Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda from Fairly OddParents, and Clockwork and Dark Danny from Danny Phantom), and even sources as diverse as Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light, the Spawn comic books, and even a brief cameo of the doll/puppet Billy from the Saw (franchise). The story centers around Grim, Mandy, and their two children, Minimandy (a.k.a. Minnie) and Grim Jr. (a.k.a. Junior). While Grim Tales includes many familiar "anime-inized" characters (under a disclaimer), the comic also sports several original characters, such as the children of Grim and Mandy.

Grim Tales is known to be far much darker than the animated programs on which it is based, even containing a 9/11 reference (Bleedman had a poll on his deviantArt account to see if the page should be removed, the majority voted for it to be kept). Also, while the original animated series was neutral towards religion (there's, for instance, several characters of several mythologies, such as the Greek goddess Eris), Grim Tales seems to be more towards Judeo-Christianism, as "The Redeemer" (from the Spawn comic book series) mentions God several times, and there's even a reference to the seven deadly sins . Spawn himself and the Violator (among other characters) from Spawn comics, and the demonic sword Soul Edge from the Soul series of video games cameo in the comic. Grim Tales is considered an alternate timeline of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi, though it shares many similarities with characters and relationships from PPGD. PPGD's colorist Seiryuga and co-writer/editor BeeAre have denied claims the universes are shared.

There have been two sagas covered in the series, the most prominent one being a recap of sorts explaining how Minimandy gained her current, sewn-together appearance and how Junior gained his right eye and demonic powers. It also gives the backstory for the comic. The second arc is a continuation of the flashback, and introduces "Him"'s daughter Mimi, along with bringing out the true nature of Junior and Minnie's relationship.

On June 11, 2009 Bleedman posted the last page of the comic, thus ending the series. It ended with Minnie looking at her brother, who had half way transformed into his demonic form.

Beginning on Feb 22, 2011, Bleedman has begun updating a new miniseries called "Grim Tales: What About Mimi?". The story focuses on Mimi who has been sent to Grim's Castle by her Father Him, to steal Horror's Hand from Mandy's vault in exchange for the soul of Jeff the spider (who is Mimi's dominate Father figure) who has been killed by Him following his and Mimi's betrayal in the previous comic. It was revealed in this miniseries, that Mimi's mother is Blossom.

On July 6, 2012 Bleedman has begun updating a new mini-series called Grim Tales: Further Orientation which serves as a series of shorts that will be providing background and biographies on the characters of Grim Tales. The first short features a fight between Mimi and a vampiric Mina Harper from Mina and the Count. After Mimi had beaten Mina the story of her birthday is told, and some information about her life in Megaville, when she was taken care of by Dexter. At this time the comic showed that Mimi was protected not only by Jeff, but also by superhero Raven and by Irwin. Further information showed about what happened the day that Him came to claim Mimi. A little more information is revealed in Him's office, with pictures describing how he tormented Mimi physically, mentally and emotionally. One of the worst factors that is worth noting is that Him was even able to turn Mimi against Blossom and have Mimi kill her own mother.

King of Fighters Doujinshi

Bleedman's first comic, King of Fighters Doujinshi is a fan comic based on The King of Fighters. It was produced in 2001 and has since concluded. The main characters at the time used are K' and Kula Diamond and follows the N.E.S.T.S. Story Arc.


Satan's Excrement

Satan's Excrement
Author(s) Mosama
Current status / schedule Updates every Friday
Launch date June 16, 2011
Genre(s) Comedy
Rating(s) R

Written & Drawn by Mosama- Satan's Excrement is the newest comic on Snafu featuring a story based in a futuristic hell about two demons who carry out the torture and execution of a sadistic clown. Thirty five pages of the comic were made before the comic got onto SNAFU so to create a buffer and ensure the author would not disappear like previous authors. A new page is uploaded every Friday.

Ever After

A comic created by Shaun Healey, better known by his screen name Endling, Ever After is a dark fictional crossover between various fairy tales and nursery rhymes. It focuses on a mentally disturbed Little Red Riding Hood, an inmate at the "Everafter Maximum Security Asylum and Home for the Fantastically Traumatized," a mental institution in the fictional realm of Grimmoire. Red's mind snapped after a traumatizing reencounter with the Big Bad Wolf, portrayed as a black, demonic creature, causing her to replay the events in her mind under pressure and sending her into a psychotic, murderous state. Humpty Dumpty is the corrupt president of Grimmoire and founder of Everafter, with the Crooked Man as its head psychiatrist. Other staff members who have appeared thus far include Red's psychiatrist Dr. Cricket (whether he is an original character or the Talking Cricket from The Adventures of Pinocchio is unclear), Puss in Boots as Humpty's personal bodyguard, and Pinocchio as the head janitor. One of the Three Little Pigs named Iggy also appears as a doctor, but seems to have a pill-popping disorder.

Many other inmates besides Red are scheduled to appear, though most have not appeared in the comic yet. The only inmate shown thus far is Goldilocks, who appears much more lighthearted and ditzy than the other characters portrayed, though she does sport scars on her face that seem to suggest she was mauled and possibly traumatized by the three bears. Other inmates scheduled to appear include: Tom Thumb, who wears shoes he claims always speak to him; the muted yet pyromaniacal Hansel who carries a flame thrower and a cannibalistic Gretel who carries a giant fork; an anorexic Jack Sprat; a catatonic Little Miss Muffet, accompanied by an abnormally large spider on her back; and grotesquely infected twin sisters Rosie and Posie (named after Ring Around the Rosie with the infection possibly referring to the song being used to describe the black plague), described only as having been treated in Everafter longer than any other inmate.

The comic offers a sub-comic "intermission" within the comic, featuring cameos by characters from other web comics on the site including Grim Tales, Tin, and Snafu.

As of April 2009, the comic has been put on long-term hiatus until Endling's other web comic project, Endzone, is completed. He has a DeviantArt account, with pictures of the other inmates. Also, on Hansel and Gretel's, Gretel appears to be the taller/older sibling of the two. Rosie and Posie's hands are clawed and larger than the others. This may be the infection they have. Tom Thumb's boot's are stuck on his feet, and Ever After's staff is trying to find out where they went. He is in a body wrap, unable to move his whole torso. Miss Muffet is entirely still with a large spider on her back. Endling had also announced on DevianArt that he will continue the Ever After series, but will redo his story as well.

Brain Dead

A comic centered around a zombie apocalypse with a young man named Zack as the main character. Zack is attempting to flee from zombies in the street after exiting his apartment and finding them everywhere. He meets Ivan, who saves him from the zombies and takes him away in his truck.

Invader Zim: Manifest Doom

An Invader Zim doujinshi written and drawn by an artist known as Happy de Guzman. It has been stated she would update the comic monthly, but so far no new pages have been seen yet because of pharmacy school. The comic was on hiatus, but Bleedman said he would continue the comic in place of Happy. A new page was added December 8, 2009.[5]

Sticky Floors

A web comic by artist Matt Herms, and is usually updated on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It focuses on the mildly humorous situations of a group of friends. The jokes are usually of a sophomoric sexual nature, but do span across other kinds of humor, ranging from racial naivety to jokes based around a character's incompetence. The comic has introduced a new character named Frank who is a "Frankenstein monster made out of sex toys", thus showing the sexual theme of the comic. To date, Frank has never been seen, although there are some pictures taken of him (like Frank, these pictures are not seen either). The comic is on hiatus.

Titan Sphere

A webcomic by Stan, it is unsure as to what tales this comic holds. It starts out by a man being shot by an energy ball then brought back to life by a mystical force. It is soon concluded with a new comic currently called "Pirate Harbour", however, will continue after the second chapter of Pirate Harbour.

Training Wheels

A webcomic that parodies anime and other shows but rarely updates. As of April 14, 2008, the author G–O has cancelled Training Wheels stating he no longer has time to update it due to work.

Soul Frontier

The story introduced the characters and began the storyline, but has been on hiatus since 2006. The webcomic is from BlueFox.

Forgotten Tower

This comic is in the updated section unlike Soul frontier. The webcomic is from BlueFox. It has not been updated in nearly a year.


Another new addition to the site. It updates everyday, each time showing an armless bunny with something else, hence the name, Bunnywith. The series is done by an artist known as Alex Pardee. He is best known for his very detailed art of which some can be considered grotesque.

Naruto: Heroes Path

A comic written by Dedmerath that serves as a sequel for the Naruto manga and anime. The original characters have grown up, they have kids and are now in top positions, such as Naruto who is now married to Hinata, has a daughter and is the Hokage of the Village. Sasuke is now married to Sakura and they have a son, they also appear to be leaders in another village. Naruto's daughter seems to have a certain interest in a character who has resemblance to Lee, she also doubts her father's ability as Hokage, because he never takes anything "seriously".


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