List of Powerpuff Girls Z episodes

This is a list of episodes for the anime series Demashita! Powerpuff Girls Z. It ran for 52 episodes on TV Tokyo from July 1, 2006, to June 30, 2007. The English adaptation of the show has begun airing in English-speaking markets but has not made it to U.S. shores. All 52 episodes have been translated into English.

Episode list

# English Dub Title
Japanese Title
Original Air Date
1 "Powerpuff Girls to the Rescue / The Secret of the Powerpuff Girls"
"Here Come the Girlz! / Here Are the Girlz!" (ガールズ、参上! / ガールズ、誕生! (Girls, Sanjou! / Girls, Tanjou!)) 
July 1, 2006
Powerpuff Girls to the Rescue: The Powerpuff Girls fight Mojo Jojo after he kidnaps kindergarten students in a cage and steal their candy.
The Secret of the Powerpuff Girls: The origins of the Powerpuff Girls Z are revealed through the source of "Chemical Z". 
2 "Bouncing Bubbles"
"Gentle Bubbles" (ほんわかバブルス (Honwaka Baburuzu)) 
July 8, 2006
Professor Utonium, his son Ken, Blossom, the Mayor, and Ms. Bellum and Poochi find Bubbles jumping cheerfully as she is attacked by Mojo Jojo and takes them in for research. 
3 "And Then There Were Three"
"Girlz Come Together!" (ガールズ、結集! (Garuzu, Kesshū!)) 
July 15, 2006
Buttercup reluctantly joins the group. The girls are put into the same class to make them get along and they stop Mojo from hogging all the food in a restaurant. 
4 "All in the Family"
"Girlz and Family Bonding!" (ガールズ、家族の絆! (Girls, Kazoku no Kizuna!)) 
July 22, 2006
The girls take turns being a mother figure to Ken, while Mojo plans to turn everyone into monkeys. 
5 "Mojo's Revenge / Climbing the Walls"
"Mojo's Revenge! / Observation Tower Crash!" (モジョの復讐だモジョ! / 展望タワー·クラッシュ! (Mojo no Fukushū da Mojo! / Tenbō Tower kurasshu!)) 
July 29, 2006
Mojo's Revenge: Angry with being teased at the zoo, Mojo attacks a fruit seller.
Climbing the Walls: Professor Utonium, Mr. Mayor, Ms. Bellum and the girls inspect the tall building which will become Mayor's Tower when Mojo tries to claim it to. 
6 "Fuzzy Lumpkins / Princess Morbucks"
"Fuzzy Lumpkins! / Princess Himeko!" (ファジー·ラムキンス! / 姫子なプリンセス! (Fuzzy Lumpkins! / Himeko no Purinsesu!)) 
August 5, 2006
Fuzzy Lumpkins: Fuzzy Lumpkins keeps driving the girls and friends away while they try to enjoy a trip to the woods.
Princess Morbucks: Classmate Princess Morbucks (Himeko) is hit by the black Z-Rays and plots to outshine the Powerpuff Girls. 
7 "Mayor for a Day / The Infamous Amoeba Boys"
"Momoko's Love / Evil Trio!? Amoeba Boys" (かなえ!ももこの恋 / 極悪トリオ!?アメーバボーイズ (Kanae! Momoko no Koi / Gokuaku Trio!? Amoeba Boys)) 
August 12, 2006
Mayor for a Day: Blossom is given the task of being the bodyguard of her favorite TV hero, Johnny Cosmo when Mojo threatens him.
The Infamous Amoeba Boys: The Amoeba Boys (now including a lady) attempt to become villains with little success. 
8 "Sedusa"
"Seductive Sedusa!" (魅惑の女!セデューサ (Miwaku no Otome! Sedusa)) 
August 19, 2006
A local shop owner and the Girl's friend, Annie is hit by black Z-rays turning her into the monster Sedusa! She attempts to glamour herself to win the heart of her friend Jason. 
9 "Coach Buttercup / Fuzzy in Love"
"Coach Kaoru's Spartan Soccer! / Fuzzy In Love!" (コーチかおるの特訓サッカー! / 恋するファジー! (Coach Kaoru no Tokkun Soccer! / Koi Suru Fuzzy!)) 
August 26, 2006
Coach Buttercup: Buttercup trains a young kid named Justin to become a better soccer player.
Fuzzy in Love: After falling in love with Ms. Bellum, Fuzzy decides to take her back to the woods. 
10 "Gigi the Great"
"The Charisma Elegant Monster!" (カリスマ美容師モンスター! (Karisuma Byōshi Monsutaa!)) 
September 2, 2006
The arrogant hairdresser Gilbert is hit by black Z-Rays and uses his power to hypnotize the customers to accept his eccentric hairstyle. 
11 "Friends in High Places / Happy Birthday, New Townsville"
"Princess Goes Outer Space! / Chase the Cake-thief!" (宇宙までプリンセス! / ケーキ泥棒を追え! Uchū Made Princess! / Cake Dorobō wo Oe!)) 
September 9, 2006
Friends in High Places: Believing Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup are planning to show off, Princess follows them to unearth their plan.
Happy Birthday, New Townsville: Mojo decides to steal all the cakes in the city. 
12 "Bubbles' Troubles"
"Bubble of First Love" (初恋のシャボン玉 (Hatsukoi no Shabon Dama)) 
September 16, 2006
Bubbles reminisces about Cody a boy she met when she was six years old, who promised to meet her again someday. 
13 "Mojo and the Amoeba Boys / Revenge of Negatron"
"Amoeba Boys Learn from Mojo! / Revenge of the Camera Monster!" (モジョに弟子入り!アメーバーボーイズ / カメラモンスターの逆襲! (Mojo ni Deshiiri! Amoeba Boys / Camera Monster no Gyakushū!)) 
September 23, 2006
Mojo and the Amoeba Boys: Mojo decides to teach the Amoeba Boys how to become villains.
Revenge of Negatron: A camera thrown away by the Mayor takes out his revenge by turning New Townsville black and white. 
14 "Attack of the Gangreen Gang"
"Gangreen Gang!" (ギャングリーンギャング! (Gangreen Gang)) 
September 30, 2006
The Gangreen Gang attempt to capture Buttercup during a big soccer match between the New Townsville Titans and the Cityville Colts. 
15 "Fashion Action / The Way of the Noodle"
"The Targeted Fashion Show! / Man of Honor! Ramen Monster!" (狙われたファッションショー! / 男!ラーメンモンスター! (Nerawareta Fashion Show! / Otoko! Ramen Monster!)) 
October 7, 2006
Fashion Action: Mojo attacks a fashion show that Blossom and Bubbles are participating in.
The Way of the Noodle: After a customer puts too much vinegar on the soup, black Z-Rays turns the soup into Noodlehead and forces people to eat noodles 'the right way', but the Powerpuff Girls Z are too full to stop him. 
16 "Sleepless in New Townsville"
"Woe! Secrets of the Princess" (哀れ!プリンセスの秘密 (Aware! Princess no Himitsu)) 
October 14, 2006
The Powerpuff Girls find out why Princess Morbucks is showing off every night, costing them their sleep. 
17 "Picture This / Revenge of Digitron"
"Don't Miss the Photo-Op! / Brotherly Love! Electric Wave Monster" (シャッターチャンスを逃すな! / 兄弟愛!電波モンスター (Shutter Chance wo Nigasuna! / Kyōudaiai! Denba Monster)) 
October 21, 2006
Picture This: Ernie, the school newspaper's photographer, struggles to take a decent picture of the Powerpuff Girls.
Revenge of Digitron: The Mayor's petty argument with his brother, the Principal, causes an electric wave monster to be created. 
18 "The Mojo League of Evil"
"Monster Tag Team Battle" (モンスター·タッグバトル (Monster Tag Battle)) 
October 28, 2006
Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and the Gangreen Gang join forces to defeat the Powerpuff Girls. 
19 "Practice Makes Pandemonium / Ms. Keane to the Rescue"
"Lamenting Piano Lesson! / All Mighty! Ms. Keane" (哀しきピアノレッスン! / 最強!キーン先生 (Kanashiki Piano Lesson! / Saikyō! Keane-sensei)) 
November 4, 2006
Practice Makes Pandemonium: A piano hit by black Z-Rays terrorizes the town after being played poorly by Mojo.
Ms. Keane to the Rescue: In order to not let their grades slip, Ms. Keane shoots down every excuse the girls have to fight Mojo. 
20 "The Rowdyruff Boys"
"Rowdyruff Boys" (ラウデイアフボーイズ (Rowdyruff Boys)) 
November 11, 2006
Mojo Jojo uses the Powerpuff Girls' DNA, his own DNA, and Chemical Z to create the Rowdyruff Boys. 
21 "Quack-Quack Attack / Veggie Vengeance"
"Rubber Duckie Monster / Escape of the Hated Veggies!" (プヨプヨアヒルのモンスター! / 嫌われ野菜の大脱出! (Puyo Puyo Ahiro no Monster! / Kiraware Yasai no Dai Dasshutsu!)) 
November 18, 2006
Quack-Quack Attack: A boy's rubber duck is lost and hit by a black Z-Ray, and Poochi decides to take care of it.
Veggie Vengeance: A group of vegetables take all the vegetables into space after no one eats them. 
22 "Pastry Puff Panic"
"Him, the Ultimate Evil!" (最凶最悪のカレ! (Saikyou Saiaku no Kare!)) 
November 25, 2006
A mysterious being (Him) sends a mummy to collect "white energy" from the Powerpuff Girls to escape from its prison. 
23 "A Comedy of Terrors / Beetle Battle"
"Love Tale of the Kabuki Monster / Who Is the King of Insects!" (歌舞伎モンスター、恋の道! / 昆虫王は誰だ! (Kabuki Monster, Koi no Michi! / Konchū Ō wa Dare da!)) 
December 2, 2006
A Comedy of Terrors: Him's particles transforms a comedian in a monster.
Beetle Battle: With the help of Buttercup, Ken trains his pet beetle to defeat his rival in a beetle fighting tournament. But the opponent beetle gets hit by Him's particles. 
24 "A Ken in Need, is a Friend Indeed"
"Ken's Search for New Buddies" (ケンの友達探し (Ken no Tomodachi Sagashi)) 
December 9, 2006
Professor Utonium sends Ken back to school. 
25 "The Write and the Wrong Way / Flower Power"
"Prankster Stationary / Roses, Noses, and Hannah!" (イタズラ文房具! / 花·はな·ハナ! (Itazura Bunbōgu! / Hana·Hana·Hana!)) 
December 16, 2006
The Write and the Wrong Way: Bubbles' pencil and eraser are infected by Him's black spores.
Flower Power: Him's spores infect a lonely flower, who begins to cover the town in flowers. 
26 "All Ken Wants for Christmas"
"Save Santa!" (サンタさんを救え! (Santa-san wo Sukue!)) 
December 23, 2006
While the girls try to make Ken's wish true with the existence of Santa, Mojo decides to suck the Santas' into his machine. Including Mr. Mayor. 
27 "Attack of the Sushi Monsters / Cat On a Hot Tin Poochi"
"Make'em and Eat'em! Sushi Monsters / Peach and Sapphire" (握って食べて!寿司モンスター! / ピーチとサファイア! (Nigitte Tabete! Sushi Monster! / Peach to Sapphire)) 
January 6, 2007
Attack of the Sushi Monsters: Him's spores infect a sushi-making machine, which creates a menacing group of sushi monsters.
Cat On a Hot Tin Poochi: After Princess Morbucks is returned to her normal form, Sapphire stays behind and spends the night with Poochi. 
28 "The League of Lovely Ladies"
"Ladies Tag Battle!" (レディース·タッグバトル! (Ladies Tag Battle!)) 
January 13, 2007
Princess, Sedusa, and Violet from the Amoeba Boys join forces to create havoc in New Townsville and plan to steal the Powerpuff Z's gold statue. 
29 "Harmed to the Teeth / Beware the Hair"
"Let's Go To the Dentist! / Saturday Powerpuff Fever" (歯医者さんへ行こう! / サタデー·パワパフ·フィーバー! (Haisha-san e Ikou! / Saturday Powerpuff Fever!)) 
January 20, 2007
Harmed to the Teeth: Blossom and Mojo go to the dentist after eating too many sweets.
Beware the Hair: The girls encounter a Dancing Man when they go on a trip to a disco. 
30 "What's With Him?"
"Girls and Him!" (ガールズとカレ! (Girls to Kare!)) 
January 27, 2007
The origins of Him are revealed. 
31 "Dunga Din / The Beanie Meanie"
"Funta's Rolling Spirit / Sedusa's Love Game" (フン太のコロガシ魂 / セデューサの恋は駆け引き!? (Funta no Korogashi Tamashii / Sedusa no Ai wa Kakehiki!?)) 
February 3, 2007
Dunga Din: An ostracized dung beetle named Beetle Bob hit by black Z-Rays tries to impress a female bug named Beetle Betty.
The Beanie Meanie: Annie becomes distracted when Jason temporarily leaves and uses her alter-ego to get him back. 
32 "Two Burger-Bots and a Side of Fries"
"Hooked on Momoko!" (ももこに首ったけ! (Momoko ni Kubittake!)) 
February 10, 2007
A classmate of Blossom reveals his love for her. 
33 "There's no "I" in Powerpuff / Keane Kong"
"Momoko no Iede to Neapolitan! / Keane no Doujou, Mojo no Aijou!" (ももこの家出とナポリタン! / キーンの同情、モジョの愛情!) 
February 17, 2007
There's No "I" in Powerpuff: Tired of not being recognized as the leader, Blossom runs away with Spaghettihead who doesn't know his purpose.
Keane Kong: Mojo convinces Ms. Keane to go on a date with him. 
34 "Cleanliness is Next to Ghostliness"
"The House Where Ghosts Live!?" (お化けが住む家!? (Obake ga Sumu Ie!?)) 
February 24, 2007
Blossom and Buttercup spend the night at Bubbles' house. 
35 "Weeding out The Monsters / The Dog Days of New Townsville"
"We're Not Just Weeds! / Compassion Law for Monsters!" (オレたちゃ雑草じゃない! / モンスター、憐れみの令! (Oretacha Zassou Janai! / Monster, Awaremi no Rei)) 
March 3, 2007
Weeding out The Monsters: A group of weeds terrorizes actresses when they aren't called by their names.
The Dog Days of New Townsville: The spirit of a shogun possesses the Mayor then passes a law that allows all monsters to create havoc. 
36 "It's All Because of Him"
"Girlz, Break Up!?" (ガールズ、解散!? (Girls, Kaisan!?)) 
March 10, 2007
Him uses Bubbles' doll Octi to break up the team. 
37 "Super Tough Girls / Powerpuff Boys Z"
"Tobidasu Manga no Monster! / Girls, Kyuugyou!" (飛び出すマンガのモンスター! / ガールズ、休業!) 
March 17, 2007
Super Tough Girls: Him uses a comic drawer's talent to create not just monsters but the "Super Tough Girls" which became a hit.
Powerpuff Boys Z: Professor Utonium, Ken, and Poochi save the day when the girls are forced to stay for the final exam. 
38 "Enter the Entourage"
"We Are the Torimakees! (Supporters)" (ふたりはトリマキーズ! (Futari wa Torimakiizu!)) 
March 24, 2007
Him uses Princess' best friends to empower anyone they support. 
39 "Little Ken's Big Wish / Wild Moon Chase"
"Little Ken's Big Wish / Girlz in Quarantine!" (小さなケンの大きなお願い! / ガールズ、飛行禁止令! (Chiisana Ken no Daikina Onegai! / Girls, Hikou Kinshi Rei!)) 
March 31, 2007
Little Ken's Big Wish: Him grants Ken's wish to be bigger.
Wild Moon Chase: After splitting the Moon in half, the girls are banned from flying. 
40 "Babes in TV Land / The Legend of Princess Morbucks"
"Girlz, TV, and a Big Present!?" (ガールズとテレビとプレゼント!? (Girls to Terebi no Present!?)) 
April 7, 2007
The Powerpuff Girls are chosen to star in a drama...or so they think. 
41 "The Mighty Morbucks / Trading Faces"
"Demashita! Shirogane Z / Girlz Interchange!" (出ましたっ! シロガネーZ / ガールズ、転身! (Demashita! Shirogane Z / Girls, Tenshin!)) 
April 14, 2007
The Mighty Morbucks: Princess' older sister Duchess comes for a visit, with plans to outshine the Powerpuff Girls.
Trading Faces: After getting hit by Fuzzy, the girls end up in each other's bodies. 
42 "The Rowdyruff Girls"
"Powerpuff Rowdyruff Boys!" (パワパフ·ラウディ·ボーイズ! (Powerpuff Rowdy Boys!)) 
April 21, 2007
The Rowdyruff Boys use the Powerpuff Girls' clothes to taint their image. 
43 "The Professor Gets His Cut / Who is Lucas Clark?"
"Rescue the Kidnapped Scientists! / Liar Momoko's Disaster!" (さらわれた博士たちを救え! / ウソつきももこの災難! (Sarawareta Hakase-tachi o Sukue! / Usotsuki Momoko no Sainan!)) 
April 28, 2007
The Professor Gets His Cut: Him challenges the girls to retrieve three items for him if they want to see the Utonium family again.
Who is Lucas Clark?: After telling Princess she has a "boyfriend", Blossom tries to bluff her way out. 
44 "Buttercup's New Moves"
"Kaoru Loves Biceps!" (かおるは上腕二頭筋がお好き! (Kaoru wa Jouwan Nitoukin ga Osuki!)) 
May 5, 2007
Buttercup falls for a wrestler. 
45 "Hoppily Ever After / Vamp on Campus"
"Momoko and the Frog Prince / The Day Sedusa Disappears!?" (ももことカエル王子様 / セデューサが消える日!? (Momoko to Kaeru Oujisama / Sedusa ga Kieru Hi!?)) 
May 12, 2007
Hoppily Ever After: Blossom lets her emotions get the better of her when she meets a frog prince.
Vamp on Campus: After mistakenly believing Jason is going out with his professor, Annie turns into Sedusa again and goes on a rampage. 
46 "Return of Him"
"Danger! Girlz vs. Him" (絶体絶命!ガールズvsカレ! (Zettaizetsumei! Girls vs. Kare)) 
May 19, 2007
After failing to injure them when in their normal states, Him confronts the girls for battle. 
47 "Keane For a Break / Like Giving Candy to a Baby"
"Mojo and Keane's Romantic Journey! / Here Come the Powerpuff Kids!" (旅は道ずれ、モジョとキーン! / いきなり登場! パワパフキッズ! (Tabi wa Michizure, Mojo to Keane! / Ikinari Toujou! Powerpuff Kids!)) 
May 26, 2007
Keane For a Break: Ms. Keane accompanies Mojo on a trip to a hot spring.
Like Giving Candy to a Baby: Him turns the Powerpuff Girls into toddlers through lollipops. 
48 "Bubbles and the Beast"
"The Miracle of Bubble Freedom" (シャボン·フリーダムの奇跡 (Shabon Freedom no Kiseki)) 
June 2, 2007
The girls find Bubbles' childhood friend Cody and help him overcome his problem. 
49 "The Happy Thought Blaster / Nurse Curse"
"All or Nothing!? Love-Love Beam! / Mojo's Day at the Hospital!" (一撃必殺!?ラブラブビーム! / モジョのナースな一日! (Ichigeki Hissatsu!? Love Love Beam! / Mojo no Nurse na Hi!)) 
June 9, 2007
The Happy Thought Blaster: Professor Utonium teaches the girls a new move to combat Him's pure evil through love.
Nurse Curse: After hurting himself, Mojo prolongs his hospital stay when he falls in love with nurse. 
50 "Him's Big Plan"
"PPGZ Knock-Out Union!" (打倒ガールズ協同組合! (Datou Girls Kyoudou Kumiai!)) 
June 16, 2007
Under the direction of Him, the monsters get together to defeat the Powerpuff Girls. 
51 "Only a Matter of Time"
"Girlz, Beyond Time and Space!" (ガールズ、時空を超えて! (Girls, Jikuu o Koete!)) 
June 23, 2007
The girls use Professor Utonium's latest invention to time travel and discover Him's weakness. 
52 "The Final Battle"
"The Girlz' Final Battle" (ガールズ、最後の戦い! (Girls, Saigo no Tatakai!)) 
June 30, 2007
In a final confrontation, the girls must stop Him from destroying New Townsville in a volcanic eruption, but to do that, all of them, including Poochi, have to give up their Z-Rays. 


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