Sinjar Alliance

An unofficial flag used by some Yazidis
A flag used by the Yazidi militia HPÊ

The Sinjar Alliance (Kurdish: Fermandariya Hevbeş a Şengalê, i.e. Sinjar Joint Command), full name as Ezidkhan Command for Liberating Sinjar (Kurdish: Fermandariya Êzîdxana Ji Bo Rizgariya Şengalê), is a joint command of three Yazidi militias: the Protection Force of Sinjar, the Sinjar Resistance Units, and the Êzidxan Women's Units, in the Liberation of Sinjar. The last two militias are supported by the PKK.[1]

The translation "Sinjar Alliance", which in certain content is not correct, firstly appeared in an Ezidipress's news.[2] The accordance of Haydar Shesho's utterance in the Ezidipress's English news with that in other Kuridsh news of Sinjar Joint Command's foundation[3] proves that "Sinjar Alliance" is just a translation of "Fermandariya Hevbeş a Şengalê".

The alliance was created in the end of October 2015[4] and aims to establish democratic confederalism and a Yazidi autonomous region in Ezidkhan within the Kurdish Regional Government in Iraqi Kurdistan. There are tensions between the Sinjar Alliance and the Kurdish Regional Government because the president of Iraqi Kurdistan, Masoud Barzani aims to control all of Sinjar and demands the withdrawal of PKK-linked militias.[5]

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