Nineveh Plain Protection Units

Nineveh Plain Protection Units
Participant in the Iraqi Civil War (2014–present)

Emblem of the NPU.
Active December 2014–Present
Area of operations

Nineveh plains

Northern Iraq
Strength 4,000 (reserves)
Part of Assyrian Democratic Movement[1]

Iraq Iraqi Armed Forces
Iraq Popular Mobilization Forces (Iraq)

Iraqi Kurdistan Peshmerga
Opponents Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

The Nineveh Plain Protection Units (Syriac: ܚܕܝ̈ܘܬ ܣܬܪܐ ܕܫܛܚܐ ܕܢܝܢܘܐ Ḥḏāywāṯ Settārā da-Šṭāḥā d-Nīnwē; Arabic: وحدات حماية سهل نينوى) or NPU is a military organization that was formed late in 2014, largely but not exclusively by indigenous Assyrian Christians in Iraq, to defend against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.[2] The Nineveh plains are a region where Assyrians in Iraq have traditionally been concentrated.[3] By December 2014, the group said it had between 500 and 1000 men in training, that the US was helping train them, and that financial support was coming mostly from Assyrians in the US and Europe.[2][3] In February 2015 there were unverified reports that the group had 5,000 Assyrian men registered to be trained, 500 are already training for combat, and 500 volunteers from the group stationed in threatened towns.[1][4]

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