Kataib Rouh Allah Issa Ibn Miriam

Kataib Rouh Allah Issa Ibn Miriam (Arabic: كتائب روح الله عيسى بن مريم; lit. The Brigade of the Spirit of God Jesus Son of Mary) is a militia composed of Iraqi Christians trained and supplied by an Iraqi Shi'ite militia as a subgroup in the fight against ISIL.

Formation and activities

Kataib Rouh was formed in December 2014 as a Christians subgroup of the Kataib al-Imam Ali (Brigade of Imam Ali), itself the armed wing of Harakat al-Iraq al-Islamiyah (Movement of the Islamic Iraq).[1]

Kataib al-Imam Ali had entered the war against ISIL in June 2014 with uniformed, well-armed members. It has been quite active in Amerli, Tuz, and Diyala fighting alongside other Iraqi Shiite militias, all of them Iranian proxies. In Salah al-Din province, fighters from the group posed in videos with the severed heads of their slain enemies. In late December 2014, the group set about training Christians for a subgroup called Kataib Rouh wing.[2]


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