Vizion Plus

Vizion Plus
Launched 1999
Owned by Artan Dulaku (33.3%)
Genci Dulaku (33.3%)
Adrian Dulaku (33.3%)
Picture format 576i (SDTV 16:9)
1080i (HDTV 16:9)
Country Albania
Language Albanian
Headquarters Tirana, Albania
Website Official Website
Albania Analog/Digital
Eutelsat 16A (16.0°E) 11427 - V - 27500 - 5/6
Tring Digital 1

Vizion Plus is a satellite frequency, private television station founded in 1999 in Tirana, Albania, part of Edil-Al construction group. Besides being found terrestrially throughout Albania, the station can be found in Europe through Tring Digital, North America on IPTV and around the world through its website's stream. At the end of 2007, the station unsuccessfully tried to obtain the third national coverage TV license in Albania. In 2002, it ranked sixth with 3.4% audience share. Latest opinion polls, have listed it as one of the favorite television channels of Albanians, on main top 3 TV channels in the Albanian Market.


Vizion Plus bought the rights to Zonë e Lirë, 2007-2011 considered as the highest rated talk show hosted by a former news editor, Arjan Çani. The channel collaborates with the most famous film studios, Sony Pictures Universal & Paramount Picture and has successfully fulfilled in the quality of media partner such activities as the editions of Miss Albania 2006, 2007 and 2008, Albanian Clip Nights, Miss Globe 2008, Editions of Shkodra Jazz Festival, Jazz Fest Tirana, the 5th edition of the Microphone Festival of Arts and editions of Cult Awards Academy. Recently, in collaboration with Tring Digital, Vizion Plus successfully bought the rights of the first Albanian edition of Dancing with the Stars and improvised comedy show Apartmenti 2XL. These two shows marked record audience.

Awards and Controversies

Vizion Plus has won the following awards: First Prize at International Festival "Orsini" for best documentary film, the Award "Cult 2005" for the documentary cycle "Tunnel" and 5 awards given by the Academy of Radio and TV Annual Evaluation. Mero Baze, the anchor of investigative show Faktori Plus was assaulted by a businessman at a Tirana restaurant. In 2010, Baze's show was ordered to close down.


Nationally created shows broadcast by Vizion Plus (as of May 2010)

Original name Format Origin
Familja game showAlbania
Përrallë me Piratë game showAlbania
Mos u Nxeh game showAlbania
Histori Dashurie talk showAlbania
Zip morning showAlbania
Faktori Plus current affairsAlbania
Ora 5pm talk showAlbania
By Pass Show criticizing and problem-raising showAlbania
Chic Plus arts and entertainment magazineAlbania
Dancing with the Stars Albania variety showAlbania
Daily Dancing daily show of DWSAlbania
Sketch Show comedyAlbania
Inside investigativeAlbania
Zonë e Ndaluar documentaryAlbania
Dita Ime talk showAlbania
Mos e Beso po Deshe reality showAlbania
Debat nga Alfred Peza current affairsAlbania
Vizioni i Pasdites talk showAlbania
Next entertaining showAlbania
Debat Plus current affairsAlbania
Kapital talk showAlbania
Oktapod current affairsAlbania
Fresk FarecomedyAlbania
Tú Sí Que Valestalent showAlbania
Apartamenti 2XLcomedy showAlbania
Grand Hotel 2XLcomedy showAlbania
Tornado me Paraquiz showAlbania
Dritare nga Rudina Xhunga current affairsAlbania
Fustani i Endrrave reality, lifestyleAlbania

Internationally created shows broadcast by Vizion Plus (as of July 2009)

Original name Albanian translation Origin
Yu-Gi-Oh! Yu-Gi-Oh!Japan
King of Queens Mbreti i KuinsUnited States
Dawson's Creek Përroi i DousonitUnited States
Palabra de Mujer Fjalë Gruaje Mexico
Las Tontas No Van al Cielo Mendjelehtat Nuk Shkojnë Në ParajsëMexico
Sturm der Liebe Stuhi DashurieGermany
Winx Club Winx ClubItaly
Kirby: Right Back at Ya! KirbiJapan
Fear Factor Fear FactorUnited States
Oh Baby Oh BabyUnited States
Querida Enemiga E Dashur ArmikeMexico
Salomé SalomeMexico
Mundo de Fieras IntrigaMexico
Piel de Otoño Gjethe VjeshteMexico
En Nombre Del Amor Ne Emër të DashurisëMexico
La Madrastra NjerkaMexico
La Usurpadora PaulinaMexico
Cuidado con el Angel Kujdes nga EngjëlliMexico
Corazón SalvajeZemër e EgërMexico
Ghost Whisperer Pëshpërima e ShpirtitUnited States
Revolution RevolucioniUnited States
Canan XhananTurkey
Kurtlar Vadisi Lugina e UjqërveTurkey
Karadayı KaradaiTurkey
The FBI Files Dosja e FBIUnited States
Crusoe Robinson KruzoUnited Kingdom
Devious Maids Shërbyese të DjallëzuaraUnited States
Good Luck Charlie Paç Fat ÇarliUnited States
Scandal SkandaliUnited States
Bajo las Riendas del Amor TradhëtiaMexico
Soy tu Dueña Grua e HekurtMexico
Teresa TerezaMexico
Triunfo del AmorTriumfi i DashurisëMexico
La Fuerza del Destino Forca e FatitMexico
Dos Hogares Jetë e DyfishtëMexico
La Que no Podía Amar Gruaja që nuk Donte të DashuronteMexico
Amores Verdaderos Dashuri të VërtetaMexico
La Tempestad StuhiaMexico
Lo Que la Vida me Robó Pasion i RrëmbyerMexico
Nora NoraVenezuela
Aşk ve Ceza Dashuri dhe NdëshkimTurkey
Eva la Trailera Fati i EvësUnited States
Yemin PremtimiTurkey
Heridas de Amor Plagë DashurieMexico
Kış GüneşiDielli i DimritTurkey

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