UTV News (Albania)

UTV News
Country Albania
Website www.utv-news.tv
Analogue PAL (ch 27 UHF in Tirana)
Digital DVB-T
Digital DVB-S

UTV News is a television channel broadcasting news only, updated every minute, from Tirana, Albania. Originally started as Teuta TV based in Durrës, it was re-branded to UFO TV. The station is affiliated with UFO Albanian University in Tirana, Albania.[1][2]

TV programs made and broadcast by UTV News

Original name Format Origin
Fakt Talk showAlbania
Edicioni i PareNewsAlbania
Ata po ThonePolitical showAlbania
Ora 0NewsAlbania
Fundjava KultCultureAlbania
Crime ZoneTalk showAlbania
Fun PageEntertainment ShowAlbania
Ex LibrisCultureAlbania


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