Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary

Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary
Tom and Jerry series
Directed by Chuck Jones
Produced by Chuck Jones
Story by Chuck Jones
Voices by Mel Blanc
William Hanna (gasping)
Music by Dean Elliott
Animation by Don Towsley
Tom Ray
Dick Thompson
Ben Washam
Ken Harris
Al Pabian
Studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Sib Tower 12 Productions
Distributed by Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Release date(s) February 17, 1966
Color process Metrocolor
Running time 6:40
Language English
Preceded by Jerry-Go-Round
Followed by Love Me, Love My Mouse

Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary is a 1966 Tom and Jerry cartoon produced and directed by Chuck Jones. The title is a parody of the popular nursery rhyme "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary".


Tom is sleeping, but Jerry, sleepwalking, pulls Tom's whiskers through one side of his face. Annoyed, Tom stops Jerry and turns him around, but Jerry punches Tom's jaw into his face. Tom then snaps his fingers to wake Jerry up, flicks Jerry's head to send it spinning, and hits Jerry with a pool cue, sending Jerry rolling into the wall of his mousehole.

Jerry then pulls Tom's tail into an umbrella, but Tom snaps his fingers again, ties Jerry up in string and unwinds the string to send Jerry rolling into his hole again. Jerry then walks out with a steak knife, but sneezes and wakes up, causing Jerry to guiltily return to his hole. Jerry then gulps several cups of coffee to stay awake and prevent himself from attacking Tom, but his eyes close three times and he falls asleep. Jerry then walks out with a brick, but sneezes and wakes up. Jerry opens Tom's eyes, and the cat swallows the brick, causing Tom to throw Jerry back into his hole and board it up.

Jerry opens the board and with a ball of yarn tied around his waist, ties it around Tom's tail, and spreads it around the house and outside. He finally ties it around an anvil and pushes the anvil down the chimney. Tom is pulled around the house, squeezed through gaps, and pulled up to the chimney, where he hits his head on the anvil. Tom starts crying, packs up, and leaves. Tom walks through a desert, with Jerry sleepwalking behind him.




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