The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse

The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse
Tom and Jerry series

Title Card
Directed by Chuck Jones
Maurice Noble (co-director)
Produced by Chuck Jones
Les Goldman
Story by Michael Maltese
Chuck Jones
Voices by Mel Blanc (as Tom/Jerry/Kitten)
Music by Eugene Poddany
Animation by Don Towsley
Tom Ray
Dick Thompson
Ben Washam
Ken Harris
Studio Sib Tower 12 Productions
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date(s)
  • December 8, 1964 (1964-12-08)
Color process Metrocolor
Running time 6:25
Language English
Preceded by Snowbody Loves Me
Followed by Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life

The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse is a 1964 cartoon directed and produced by Chuck Jones. The title is a play on words on The Unsinkable Molly Brown, a popular Broadway musical that was made into a feature film, also in 1964.

The cartoon is essentially a Claude Cat and Marc Antony and Pussyfoot cartoon reworked for Tom and Jerry; most of the production staff on this cartoon had also developed those characters at Warners. Many of the gags were inspired by Warner Bros. cartoons of a similar theme to this short, such as Feline Frame-Up (1954), Feed the Kitty (1952), and Two's a Crowd (1950), which were mostly written by Michael Maltese and directed by Chuck Jones.


Tom wakes up in his basket and gets Jerry, tied to the basket with string, to fetch him a glass of milk, and massage him. Tom then picks Jerry up, pats him, and flips him back to his hole. A cute brown and white kitten is then delivered to the house, and instantly wins Jerry's heart, but Tom takes an instant disliking to her.

As Jerry stares at the kitten, Tom flips him back to his hole again. Tom delibarates on how to get rid of the kitten. When the owner leaves to get food for the kitten, Tom grabs the kitten. Jerry hears the loud cry of the kitten, and becomes angry. Jerry manages to remove himself from the string and uses it as a lasso to save the kitten. Jerry traps Tom's foot before he can kick the kitten out, making him release the kitten. The kitten flies through the air, but Jerry catches her in a pillow to make her land safely. Jerry pats the kitten, as she thanks him by licking him.

Tom, angry, chases Jerry, who carries the kitten. Tom grabs the kitten, unbeknownst to Jerry, who bumps into a table leg. Jerry catches a plate and throws it at Tom's foot, making Tom spin, and again catches the kitten. Tom spins out of the window, and Jerry locks him out of the house to prevent him bothering the kitten again. As Jerry and the kitten nap, a furious Tom bangs on the window. Tom threatens Jerry, but Jerry ignores him and taunts him further by feeding the kitten milk from a straw.

Irritated by Jerry's defiance, Tom barges through the door, but Jerry puts a banana peel on the floor. Tom avoids it, but lands onto roller skates, which send Tom rolling into the basement. Tom then slides on banana peel and gets stuck in a wooden garden gate. Tom tries to jump though the upper level window, but due to the board being stuck around his waist, he gets stuck in the window. Jerry locks the window to prevent Tom from escaping. As punishment for being cruel to the kitten, he ties up Tom's foot and whacks Tom on the buttock repeatedly with a paddle. Then Tom waves a surrender flag to signal his surrender and is then forced to act as a slave to Jerry and the kitten. While the kitten happily sips milk from a straw, a disgruntled Tom gives Jerry a massage.



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