The A-Tom-Inable Snowman

The A-Tom-Inable Snowman
Tom and Jerry series

Title card of The A-Tom-lnable Snowman
Directed by Abe Levitow
Produced by Chuck Jones
Story by Bob Ogle
Voices by June Foray (uncredited)
Mel Blanc (uncredited)
William Hanna (uncredited)
Music by Dean Elliott
Animation by Ken Harris
Don Towsley
Tom Ray
Dick Thompson
Ben Washam
Phil Roman
Studio Sib Tower 12 Productions
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date(s)
  • August 4, 1966 (1966-08-04)
Color process Metrocolor
Running time 6:39
Language English
Preceded by Matinee Mouse
Followed by Catty-Cornered

The A-Tom-Inable Snowman is a 1966 Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Abe Levitow and produced by Chuck Jones. The title is a play on The Abominable Snowman.


This episodes begins with Tom having caught Jerry in a log cabin, and trying to eat him. Before doing so, he pours salt and pepper on Jerry, who sneezes himself away from the plate due to the pepper. While looking for Jerry, Tom notices the mouse in the cuckoo clock. Tom turns the clock's hands up to 5:00 and he waves to Jerry. He does it a second time and turns it up to 4:00. Tom licks the mouse but the third time when he turns it up to 3:00, instead of Jerry, a bomb pops out. Tom swallows it without realizing it and it explodes inside his mouth, taking his teeth away from his mouth and into the clock. The credits are shown with Tom and Jerry skiing as they chase in the Alps.

Right there, the chase ends when Jerry rushes inside a cabin, as Tom does so, but with the latter getting out from the fact that the cabin has a St. Bernard dog, who is sleeping. Jerry, waving at Tom proudly, is beside the St. Bernard. Tom got frustrated after seeing it as his anger melted him almost fully to the snowy ground. But, he thought of a diversive plan to get rid of the St. Bernard and catch Jerry. He settles his skiing equipment as if it's showing that a person is in a skiing accident. Finishing his plan, he then yells for the St. Bernard to wake up and come for Tom's diversion. With the St. Bernard woken up from Tom's yelling, he goes to the "victim" for "help". After the St. Bernard left, Jerry has no protection as Tom has the opportunity to get him. The St. Bernard then reaches the diversion and attempts to save the "victim". Not knowing it's a trick, he picks up the ski boots with the bindings, and expects that the "victim" is landed deeper. Not willing to give up, he then digs the ground to find the "victim".

In the cabin earlier, Tom chases Jerry in circles, until the mouse breaks off and runs directly near the open door outside, as Tom does also. Unbeknownst to the cat, he got too fast, causing him to be far off the cliff, with Jerry still on the ground, safe. Tom then got worried that he was stupid and then lets himself fall with a waving goodbye. As he fell, he then got rolled up into a giant snowball while being rolled down from a slope, as the end point causes him to be thrown up to the sky. Jerry then calls on the St. Bernard, who is still digging, by a whistle. The dog then stops after he hears Jerry's whistle. The mouse then points the dog to an approaching giant snowball with Tom inside. After the ball lands with Tom inside flat, the St. Bernard then attempts to save the flattened cat with a keg of brandy. After he left the cat standing, Tom fell and "shattered" into pieces. However, he is then reconstructed by the St. Bernard with the brandy. The alcohol makes Tom drunk. He starts seeing hallucinations, like five Jerrys, which he has to count in between hiccups. He later sees hallucinations of a hole and he seems to see countless holes. Tom hiccups to the real hole, causing him to get frozen solid, requiring the St. Bernard's assistance once again. At the end of this part, once again, Tom becomes intoxicated, causing himself to ski on his feet as he hiccups. Jerry and the dog watch at him, as they shake hands for his "cure". Tom then unintentionally bumps his head onto a tree, causing himself to be unconscious as the dog felt worried, trying to make him cure.

Inside the cabin (where the St. Bernard dog lives), Tom has come down with a cold as Jerry watches him, feeling worried. Tom sneezes and then asks Jerry to get some tissue near him to wipe his nose. Unbeknownst to the mouse, Tom is actually tricking Jerry by grabbing him. About to eat the mouse, the St. Bernard dog pours the boiling water on the tub, causing Tom to turn red and free Jerry as he feels it on his feet. In a high temperature, Tom jumps very high, escaping from the cabin, and leading to another very far place. He returns to the cabin, however, because he "forgot" to get Jerry, grabbing him as he blows a raspberry to the dog. Another attempt from the hot water causes him to jump high again, but with Jerry. Tom escapes with Jerry to a tropical island, attempting to eat the mouse, where he is knocked out by a falling coconut. Fortunately, help is on hand--the St. Bernard appears once again to revitalize Tom before he once again becomes intoxicated and meanders out to the sea with the rescue hound and Jerry waves goodbye to him and also the word's "The End" appearing on the sun as a cartoon closes.


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