Dancing with the Stars (Albanian TV series)

Dancing with the Stars Albania
Presented by Alketa Vejsiu, Genti Zotaj (Season 1)
Amarda Toska, Ermal Mamaqi (Season 2-3)
Armina Mevlani, Jonida Maliqi (Season 4)
Amarda Toska, Drini Zeqo (Season 5)
Judges Ilir Shaqiri (Season 1-present)
Iva Tiço (Season 1-present)
Arian Çani (Season 1-2)
Alfred Kaçinari (Season 3-present)
Ema Andrea (Season 4-present)
Milaim Zeka (Season 5-present)
Country of origin Albania
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 62
Producer(s) International Theatre, Tring Digital, Vizion Plus
Original network Vizion Plus
Original release 18 February 2010 – present
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Dancing with the Stars Albania is an Albanian reality show filmed in Tirana, Albania and aired on Vizion Plus and Tring Digital since its debut on 18 February 2010. Twelve VIPs and professional dancers form twelve couples that contest in one of the most successful TV formats. The show is a production of International Theatre, in collaboration with Tring Digital and Vizion Plus, according to the original patent distributed by BBC Worldwide.

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