The Academy (2005 TV series)

The Academy

The Academy poster
Genre Modern Drama
Starring Ron Ng
Sammul Chan
Michael Miu
Michelle Yim
Tavia Yeung
Fiona Sit
Opening theme "勇者" by
Rico Kwok, Zac Kao, Ron Ng, & Sky
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 32
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Original network TVB
Original release June 2005
Followed by On the First Beat (2007)
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The Academy (Traditional Chinese: 學警雄心) is a TVB modern drama series broadcast in June 2005.

The series follows the lives of a group of new Hong Kong Police recruits as they proceed through training at the Hong Kong Police training school (PTS). Within these 27 weeks, each of them learned their lessons, each of them become more mature, each of them become a better person as the relationship between the students and the teachers grows stronger and stronger.

A direct sequel, On the First Beat (學警出更) was produced and broadcast in 2007 continued with Ron Ng and Sammul Chan, alongside Joey Yung, Sonija Kwok and Michael Tao. Another sequel, E.U. (學警狙擊) was produced and released in 2009 continued with Ron Ng and Sammul Chan, alongside Michael Miu, Kathy Chow, Elanne Kong, and Michael Tse. Michael Miu reprises a new role as a triad boss in E.U., which is unrelated to his role in The Academy.


27 weeks of cadet school life
27 weeks of will training

Different backgrounds of cadets as they train for 27 weeks to become Hong Kong Police officers. During the 27 weeks romance, tragedy and friendships form or fall apart.


Main cast

Ron Ng Chung Lap-Man
PC66336 Police Cadet
Ho Fa's boyfriend.
Sammul Chan Lee Pak-Kiu
PC66341 Police Cadet
First known as Wai Pak-Kiu.
Ma Oi-Lam's boyfriend
Finds out that Lee Man-Sing is his father at the end.
Tavia Yeung Ho Fa
Police Training School (PTS) Canteen Clerk
Chung Lap-Man's girlfriend.
Fiona Sit Ma Oi-Lam (Fiona)
WPC66343 Police Cadet
Lee Pak-Kiu's girlfriend.
Michael Miu Lee Man-Sing (Sunny)
SGT39007 Police Sergeant
Part of Police Training School (PTS) Trainer
Lee Pak-Kiu's father.
Kuk Ming-Cheung's friend.
Chan Yin-Ting's close friend and former classmate.
(Deceased - Episode 32)
Chin Ka Lok Kuk Ming-Cheung (Ken)
SGT38269 Police Sergeant
Part of Police Training School (PTS) Trainer
Lee Man-Sing's friend.
Ko Wai-Kwan's lover.
Michelle Yim Chan Yin-Ting
Chung Lap-Man and Chung Ka-Lai's mother.
Chung Chi-Wah's ex-wife.
Chan Yin-Han's younger sister.
Lee Man-Sing's close friend and former classmate.
Priscilla Ku (顧紀筠) Ko Wai-Kwan (Ann)
WSGT Police Station Sergeant
Part of Police Training School (PTS) Trainer
Kuk Ming-Cheung's lover.

Other cast

Waise Lee Chung Chi-Wah
Chung Lap-Man and Chung Ka-Lai's father.
Chan Yin-Ting's ex-husband.
Rachel Poon (潘曉彤) Chung Ka-Lai (Miki)
Chung Lap-Man's younger sister.
Law Koon Lan (羅冠蘭) Chan Yin-Han (Queenie)
Chan Yin-Ting's older sister.
Rico Kwok (郭力行) Chan Kwok-Keung (Bobby)
PC66332 Police Cadet
Chung Lap-Man's best friend
Li Ka Sing (李家聲) Lam Suk-Chuen
PC66340 Police Cadet
Casper Chan (陳凱怡) To Ling-Ling (Ling)
PC66550 Police Cadet
Zac Kao (高皓正) On Chi-Ho
PC66366 Police Cadet
Deep Ng Ho Ming
Ho Fa's older brother.
Wu Fung Chiu Tim-Fook
Lee Pak-Kiu's grandfather.
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