Fiona Sit

Fiona Sit

Fiona Sit at the Ultimate Song Chart Awards in 2014
Background information
Chinese name 薛凱琪 (traditional)
Chinese name 薛凯琪 (simplified)
Pinyin xue1 kai3 qi2 (Mandarin)
Jyutping sit3 hoi2 kei4 (Cantonese)
Origin Hong Kong
Born (1981-08-11) 11 August 1981
Hong Kong
Occupation Singer, actress
Genre(s) Cantopop

Warner Music (2003–2012)

Sun Entertainment Culture Ltd (2012–present)
Years active 2004–present
Ancestry Shunde, Guangdong, China

Fiona Sit (born 11 August 1981) is a Chinese ethnic Cantopop singer and actress from Hong Kong.


In an interview with Hong Kong Newspaper Apply Daily in 2006, Fiona Sit revealed that she always had been interested in singing in front of an audience since very young age, but growing up as the only child in the family [1] didn't provide many chances for her to sing in front of siblings or people of her own age. So she enjoyed visiting her relatives' homes a lot during her childhood, because she could perform in front of her cousins and relatives.

She attended Island School and studied Creative Media in City University of Hong Kong[2] until 2004. She used to be a part-time model, shooting for adverts and magazines.

Owing to her uncle Peter Wong, who was Senior management in Capital Artists, she had the opportunity to have a test and finally signed a deal with Warner Music Hong Kong to be an artist.



"Keanu Reeves Reply" (2004)
This song was one of the hits in Sit's first album, "F Debut" which sold more than 25,000 copies in Hong Kong, instantly becoming a bestseller of the year.

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After joining Warner Music Group in 2003, Sit first plugged her debut song "XBF" and "Madonna's Kiss", catching attention from audiences. Sit released her first album F Debut on 8 April 2004. It became a best-seller in Hong Kong, being certified gold for sales in excess of 25,000 copies.[3] The album contained the hit ballad "XBF" (short for ex-boyfriend) and another hit "Keanu Reeves Reply". The song "Keanu Reeves Reply" reached No. 1 in the four medium.

She published her debut Photobook F-Trip and sold with her limited set of "Fileee Doll", later sold it in Animation-Comic-Game Hong Kong. It was sold out only after four days.

Due to the success of F Debut, Warner Music Hong Kong released F Debut AVCD on 5 May 2004. F Debut AVCD including her famous song "Keanu Reeves Reply" and another version which featured Aaron Kwok as Mr.K replied Miss F.

As she became more well known in the entertainment industry, she shot many adverts in the year, such as Toshiba and Sagem.

Though Sit has just reached 23 years old, she gained the most awards in the year-end ceremony from Hong Kong Music Platforms as a newcomer. In the Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation, she triumphed over other artistes to win the No. 7 for "Keanu Reeves Reply" and became the first newcomer who entered the top 10 song in 903 Music Platform. She has won a number of awards, including a gold award for best female newcomer at the Hong Kong Music Awards, as well as a gold award for the song "Keanu Reeves' Reply." she was also declared the Best Selling Newcomer by IFPI.

On 7 January 2005, Warner Music released a single named 886. It included songs such as "Pumpkin Wagon" and "886", which is a short term of Byebye in Cantonese ICQ language. The single was a huge success and it was sold out within 3 weeks.

Warner Music released her second album, Funnygirl, on 21 April 2005. "Blackie and Me"and "A Boy Just Like You" reached No. 1 on 903, RTHK and TVB's JSG Solid Gold programme. Also, Funnygirl was the top 5 best sellers in the year and was classified gold. Its success resulted in the release of Funnygirl (2nd Edition), which included a DVD with her music videos, including the No. 1 single "A Boy Like You".

Her third album, Me, was another CD+DVD combination released on 23 December 2005. It included No. 1 songs "There is a bird" and "Finding Unicorn", and the song "Love", which was featured in the film Embrace Your Shadow, which Sit starred in. The DVD was a live concert footage of her "903 Fiona 0811" performance, which was her debut concert held in HITEC on 29 December 2005.

In the year-end ceremony, she not only won a number of awards, but she also entered the best five female singers in 903 Music Platform and TVB's JSG Music Platform with Kelly Chen, Joey Yung, Miriam Yeung and Denise Ho.

Fiona Sit at SINA Music 樂壇民意指數頒獎禮 in 2006

In 2006, Sit raised some controversy with her video clip for "Tong But Lut" as it held great resemblance to the video clip of "ourselves" by Japanese superstar Ayumi Hamasaki. Her song "Dear Fiona" is a Cantonese version of the song Tomorrow's Way by Yui. However, this song still made No. 1 from four major medium.

Sit's official fan club, Club F was established on 11 August 2006 in conjunction with her 25th birthday. Her 4th album "Electric Angel" was released on the same day as well. 200 fans attended the first gathering, which was held in a Chinese restaurant in Wan Chai. The second edition was later released on 22 December 2006. It included 11 songs and some extra materials.

Fiona Sit at 叱咤903 in 2007

After Electric Angel, Sit went over to Taiwan in order to improve her Mandarin skills. In order to keep her fanbase (Hong Kong artists usually release one to two albums per year to keep up their popularity), Warner released her first compilation, "F" Best, on 12 June 2007. This album includes 3 new songs with 15 selected songs from her previous albums. The album also includes a DVD containing a short film and some MVs of her songs. In addition, a special edition of "F" Best was sold out in one month.

After training in Taiwan for one year, Sit made her debut Mandarin album It's My Day which was released on 18 April 2008. The album is recorded in Taiwan and also in Singapore. It features songs such as I don't need Tiffany, which refers to the jewelry company and a duet with Khalil Fong, Overcoming Memories. "It's My Day" was the first plugged song in Taiwan while "Alice's first Time" was the first plugged song in Hong Kong. This Mandarin album made Sit become the best five seller in the year in Hong Kong and became famous in Taiwan.

On 19 December 2008, Sit released another Cantopop album Smile (Fiona Sit album). It included the songs in her drama "Last Smile, First Tear" and two No. 1 songs, "Sweet" and "The few seconds without breath".

Sit released an EP Read Me on 16 October 2009, which included four new canton pop songs and two mandarin songs. Besides, her first plugged song "Tramcar" and third plugged song "Mu Rong Xue" reached No. 1 in two medium programme.

on the first day of 2010, Sit was first won the #3 Copper Female Award in 903-year-end ceremony.

On 18 July 2011, Sit released her new EP August Girl lately. It was a new style of Fiona Sit as the thematic song "The August Issue", two versions of "Word Flower", No. 1 song "Lip Stick", gimmick song "Before Taking off the Straps" and two mandarin songs. She was cooperated with a team of top songwriters including Khalil Fong, Wyman Wong, Hanjin Tan, Edward Chan, and Abrahim Chan.

She then released the album 'Tenacious' in 2013. She participated in writing 2 of the songs since it is her 10th year album.

Fiona Sit's latest album is 'Tonight' released in 2014 September. This album has the same name with her concert in the same year.

TV series

Sit had a guest role in the TVB series Hearts of Fencing in 2003.

In 2005 Sit went on to film her first Hong Kong TVB series The Academy, her role was a female police trainee. To match the character's circumstances, Fiona cut her hair short. In contrast to her past success, fans responded negatively towards this change in her image, and were wary of her future career decisions. She followed with a cameo performance on On The First Beat. Sit also featured in a weight loss product TV commercial, in which she performed a dance routine. These two events were mocked in the Hong Kong media, and cut into her fanbase.

But, she won the Best Female newcomer in 2006 Next TV ceremony.

In late 2006, Sit went to China and shot a drama by Derek Tung, who was 2 Young's director. Therefore, she can only be a guest star in TVB series "On The First Beat". The series called C'est La Vie, Mon Chéri, she cooperated with Chinese actor Aloys Chen. It released after filming and played by TVB in 2008.

In 2007, she performed an internet drama hosted by Moov, with other singers like Endy Chown and Zarahn. From 2008 to 2009, she had a guest role in two TVB series "Dressage To Win" and "ICAC Investigators 2009".

In 2010, Sit shot another mandarin series "Liao Zhai 3" and Painted Skin. From January to April 2011, she shot her second mandarin fashionable costume series "White Lies".


On 28 April 2005, Sit's debut film 2 Young debut. The film was cast by Derek Tung, collaborated with Jaycee Chan. She received praises from the audience and many famous artistes. After a month, 2 Young made $10 million in box office and Sit became a $"10 million dollar female actress".

Owing the success of 2 Young, she filmed another movie Embrace Your Shadow, it aired in September. Joe Ma did the casting and collaborated with famous Taiwanese actor, Dylan Kuo. It was a challenge for Fiona Sit because the character was completely opposite from her role in 2 Young.

In 2006, Sit was nominated in Hong Kong Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan Golden Horse Awards for "Best Necomer Award" for her role in "2 Young". Although she lost to Jay Chou, her acting was praised by a number of entertainers. She also got other nominations of "Best Necomer" and "Best Actress" hosted by different entrepreneurship for 2 Young. Later, she filmed another movie "Love Undercover 3" directed by Joe Ma, which showed in June and earning a lot in the box office.

In 2007, she was the emcee for the Asian Film Awards. She later filmed "Wonder Woman" directed by Barbara Wong and collaborated with Gigi Leung. In 2009, Sit filmed two films "La Comédie humaine" and "Break Up Club". Sit was a girl named Flora in "Break Up Club" and collaborated with Jaycee Chan again, she was another girl named Skylove in "La Comédie humaine" and collaborated with Wong Cho-lam.

In the year of 2010, Break Up Club showed in June and La Comédie humaine showed in July. Among the two, Break Up Club obtained 10 million box office and Sit gained a great success from her performance in "Break Up Club" as she won the Best Actress in "Vietnam's film festival". Later, as her stand out performance, she won another film awards in Hong Kong both, like the "Best Actress" hosted by Mingpao, Yahoo!, and Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild. Sit was also gained a nomination for "Best Actress" from Hong Kong Film Awards in 2011.

Due to her success in entering the movie industry, she filmed more movies which showed in 2011, such as The Way We Were and The Fortune Buddies.




Year Title Role Notes
2005 2 Young Lui Yeuk-nam
2005 Embrace Your Shadow Ran
2006 My Name Is Fame Fiona
2006 Pandora's Booth Szeto Sum-sum (70s)
2006 Love Undercover 3 Fan Sai-wo
2007 Simply Actors Giddy Cadet 747
2007 Wonder Women Sung Hiu-tung
2010 Break Up Club Flora
2010 La Comédie humaine Sky Love
2011 The Way We Were
2011 The Fortune Buddies Fiona
2012 Mr. and Mrs. Gambler Flora Cheung
2012 The Bounty Suen Long-ching
2012 Nightmare
2012 Vulgaria Quin
2012 Diva Fi
2013 Hotel Deluxe
2014 Hello Babies
2014 Golden Chicken 3
2014 Girls
2015 12 Golden Ducks
2015 Insanity
2015 Guia in Love
2016 Mr. High Heels
Year Title Role Notes
2003 Hearts of Fencing Guest star
2005 The Zone Guest star
2005 The Academy Fiona
2007 On the First Beat Fiona Guest star (ep. 1–4, 29)
2007 Colours of Love
2008 C'est La Vie, Mon Chéri Lau Mun
2008 Dressage To Win mental patient Guest star (ep. 6)
2009 ICAC Investigators 2009 Hui Kei-san (ep. 2 and 4)
2010 Liao Zhai 3 Bai Qiu Lian
2011 Painted Skin Xiaowei / Xuxu
2011 White Lies





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