Just Love

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Just Love

Just Love poster
Genre Modern Drama
Starring Jessica Hsuan
Sunny Chan
Natalie Tong
Dave Wong
Johnson Lee
Patrick Tang
Fiona Yuen
Selena Li
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 20
Running time 45 minutes (approx.)
Original network TVB
Original release May 9 (Hong Kong)
2007 (Singapore) – June 3, 2005 (Hong Kong)
2007 (Singapore)
Followed by Just Love II (2009)
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Just Love (Traditional Chinese: 老婆大人) is a TVB modern drama series broadcast in May 2005. The drama was broadcast in Singapore's MediaCorp TV Channel 8 in 2007.

Play of family background, surrounded mainly scratching between husband and wife relationship, trust and support. Diverse work and affairs, and need to be difficult to care for their children because their parents have to face the family encountered feelings and confused ...

A direct sequel, Just Love II (老婆大人II) was produced and is released in 2009 continued with Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Natalie Tong, Patrick Tang, and Selena Li, alongside Joyce Tang.


Lawful Woman:
Blind-folded so that she cannot see who she is condemning, representing equality.
A scale in her left hand to represent fairness.
A sword in her right hand to represent righteousness and justice.

Ko Hei Man (Jessica Hsuan) is a court judge that takes her work very seriously. She believes everyone is equal before the law and judges each and every case as justly and fairly as she can. Kot Kwok Kwong (Sunny Chan) is Man's supportive husband who obediently takes care of the household duties and their son. The couple first met in England, and after a one-night stand, Man discovers she is pregnant. Kwong takes full responsibility for the baby, but the couple is left wondering if marriage was the right decision.

Kwong's sexist and old-fashioned father objects to his son's ways of always listening to his wife. He believes Kwong needs to focus on work, while Man should learn to be a house-wife. These old fashioned ways is what drove his daughter, Kot Bo-Yee (Natalie Tong), to leave home. Bo-Yee suddenly returns to Hong Kong after studying in America and Kwong soon finds out that Bo-Yee was expelled from America for charges of violence. Trying to hide from her father, Man sends Bo-Yee to go live with Dai Ji-Hung (Dave Wong), Man's ex-boyfriend. Dai Ji-Hung still has feelings for Man that he can't put down, so Bo-Yee takes it upon herself to make Hung fall in love with her instead.

Man and Kwong face many obstacles in their marriage, mainly due to Man's stubbornness and Kwong's foolishness. Man turns to Leung Sin-Sin (Selena Li), prosecuting lawyer, and yoga instructor Lo Wing-See (Fiona Yuen) for advice. Sin believes that in a marriage, there is no right and wrong and that Man and Kwong need to learn to compromise. See, however, believes that all men in the world are jerks. Meanwhile, Kwong seeks advice from So Ah-Gei (Patrick Tang), defense lawyer, and his "manly" uncle, Kot Tak Wan (Johnson Lee). Both of them tell Kwong that he needs to man up and show his wife who's in charge.

How will the couples of Man and Kwong, Sin and Gei, See and Wan, and Bo-Yee and Ji-Hung learn to work out their differences?


Jessica Hsuan Ko Hei-Man
Kot Kwok-Kwong's wife.
Dai Ji-Hung's ex-girlfriend.
Sunny Chan Kot Kwok-Kwong
Ko Hei-Man's husband.
Kot Bo-Yee and Kot Bo-Pui's older brother.
Natalie Tong Kot Bo-Yee (Bowie)
Kot Kwok-Kwong and Kot Bo-Pui's sister.
Dai Ji Hung's girlfriend
Dave Wong Dai Ji-Hung
Ko Hei-Man's ex-boyfriend.
Kot Bo Yee's boyfriend.
Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) So Ah-Gei (AK)
Leung Sin-Sin's boyfriend.
Johnson Lee (李思捷) Kot Dak-Wan (Vincent)
Kot Kwok-Kwong's uncle.
Lo Wing-See's lover.
Fiona Yuen Lo Wing-See (Vinci)
Yoga Instructor
Kot Dak-Wan's lover.
Selena Li Leung Sin-Sin (Yoyo)
So Ah-Gei's girlfriend.
Lo Hoi Pang (盧海鵬) Lo Wing-See
Kot Kwok-Kwok, Kot Bo-Yee, and Kot Bo-Pui's father.
Lui Shan (呂珊) Chung Jan-Ying
Kot Kwok-Kwok, Kot Bo-Yee, and Kot Bo-Pui's mother.
Casper Chan (陳凱怡) Kot Bo-Pui
Kot Kwow-Kwong's younger sister.
Felix Lok (駱應鈞) Ko Tin
Ko Hei-Man's father.
Yip Wai-Kuen's ex-husband.
Debbie's boyfriend.
Chan Ka Yee (陳嘉儀) Yip Wai-Kuen (Debbie)
Ko Hei-Man's mother.
Ko Tin's ex-wife.
Natalie Wong Debbie Ko Tin's girlfriend.
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