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"Insight and ideas that impact the world around you."
Editor Larry Dignan
Categories Business, technology, science, energy, healthcare, design, thought leadership
Circulation 250,000 readers[1]
Publisher CBS Interactive
First issue November 2, 1999
Final issue June 30, 2014
Country  United States, (US and France editions)
Language English

SmartPlanet was an online magazine that covers clean technology and information technology as it relates to healthcare, science, transportation, corporate sustainability, architecture, and design. It was part of the business portfolio of CBS Interactive that included BNET and ZDNet and was known for its daily coverage of the technology and energy industries. It stopped publishing on June 30, 2014.


SmartPlanet logo circa 2008.
SmartPlanet logo circa 2009.
SmartPlanet's homepage in 2008.

The site was first launched by Ziff Davis on November 2, 1999[2] as an online educational service and "personal learning community" focused on the technology industry.[3][4]

After CNET Networks acquired Ziff Davis and subsidiary ZDNet in 2000,[5] SmartPlanet was relaunched in 2001 as a paid learning service for IT professionals.[6]

In 2008, it was relaunched as a U.K.-based eco-friendly, green lifestyle publication that featured reviews of sustainable and ethical products.[7][8][9] It was edited by Adam Vaughan, who is now editor of The Guardian's environment section.[10]

In June 2009, SmartPlanet was relocated to the U.S. and revamped as a business-centric publication led by ZDNet editor-in-chief Larry Dignan.[11] It stopped publishing on June 30, 2014, and its staff and content were merged with ZDNet.

Editorial coverage

SmartPlanet's homepage in 2010.
SmartPlanet's homepage in 2014.

At launch in 2009, SmartPlanet was divided into three sections: Smart Business, Smart Technology and Smart People.


Within SmartPlanet's sections were several blogs:

Its blogs were eliminated in a 2013 redesign and rebranding that recategorized the content into news ("The Latest," formerly called "The Bulletin") and features ("The Issue").

The opening slate to "The Future Of..."


SmartPlanet regularly produced original video on new technologies, innovators and industry conferences on sustainability, energy and green technology.

The site's occasional series called "The Future Of..." was known for featuring real-world applications of new technologies that redefine existing products or services, such as diabetic monitors, bus stops and hospitals. [12]

In 2011, the series won the Jesse H. Neal National Business Journalism Award for "Best Use of Video" by a B2B trade publication.[13]

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