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CNET Video
Online media content provider
Industry Mass media
Founded 2005
Headquarters San Francisco, California, U.S.
Products Video podcasts

CNET Video is a San Francisco and New York based web television network showing original programming catering to the niche market of technology enthusiasts, operated by CBS Interactive through their CNET brand and. CNET Video originated as the television program production arm of CNET Networks in the United States, producing programs starting in the mid-to-late 1990s. It was CNET Networks' first project. Technology-themed television shows produced by CNET Video also aired on G4 in Canada. CNET Video is a 2012 Technology People's Voice Webby Award Winner.[1] On July 24, 2013 CNET Video launched a new CNET Video+ app for iOS, Android and Xbox SmartGlass.


Current programming of CNET Video consists of short-form video shot in-studio or in front of a greenscreen and long-form video productions made of packaged clips or new content. All current productions are distributed as podcasts and most programming is available for download at CNET, on the iTunes Store and on the CNET Video app for platforms such as Roku.

Past shows and podcasts

Until Summer 2012, CNET Video streamed live programming on its subsite CNET Live, consisting of audio talk shows with video feeds, which also were distributed as podcasts. On March 23, 2012 CNET TV's flagship talk show Buzz Out Loud announced that it and most of CNET Live will be cancelled for more on-demand content (save for The 404 Show, which is still running).[5][6]

CNET Live audio/video talk shows

CNET Video video-only shows

Audio-only podcasts


Year Nominee/work Award Result
2012 "'CNET Video"' Webby Award for Technology People's Voice Won
2010 "'CNET Video"' Webby Award for Technology People's Voice Won
"'CNET Video"' Webby Award for Technology Won
2009 "'CNET Video"' Webby Award for Technology People's Voice Won

Former television productions

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