MBC 3 logo
Launched December 8 2000
Owned by Middle East Broadcasting Center
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
576i (SDTV)
Slogan Ahla `Alam (The Sweetest World)
Broadcast area Middle East
North Africa
Headquarters United Arab Emirates
Sister channel(s) MBC 1
MBC Drama
MBC Action
MBC Persia
Al Arabiya
MBC Bollywood
Website http://mbc3.mbc.net/
Nilesat 102 11938 V - 27500 - 3/4
Arabsat BADR4 11919 H - 27500 - 3/4
France Numericable Channel 630 (SD)
France Freebox TV Channel 672 (SD)

MBC 3 was launched in 2004 and is the kids' entertainment channel. It delivers a programming mix of children's education and entertainment that connects with and stimulates the imagination of Arab kids aged between three and thirteen as well as creating the quality viewing time with their parents. The channel focuses on local production in Arabic, from edutainment, to game shows, and reality shows, while also continuing its various long standing international studio deals and partnerships. Some of the main primetime productions of the channel include “Eish Safari” (a children adventure program), “Tasali Ahla Alam” (LIVE game show with MBC3 Presenters), “Banat Wa Bass” (a talk show catered to young girls) and “Soccer Academy” among many others.

MBC 3 started airing Nick shows including Victorious, iCarly, Sam and Cat, The Thundermans and Drake & Josh (These shows are in English audio with Arabic subtitles). The Nicktoons programs including T.U.F.F. Puppy, Fairly Odd Parents and SpongeBob SquarePants. The Nick Jr. shows including Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go and Blue's Room.

Children's shows made by MBC 3

The Middle East Broadcasting Center (or MBC) produced five exclusive TV children shows for the channel.

Banat we Bas (Girls Only)

Banat we Bas is a special show on MBC 3 aimed mainly for girls. The second season premiered on November 27, 2010.

Eish Safari (Live Safari)

Eish Safari is a TV reality show produced by the Middle East Broadcasting Center for the channel MBC 3. It stars a variety of children from around the Arab World The TV show uses the slogan "Haithu la makan illa lil shuj'an" which means "Where there's no place except for the brave". There's currently 7 seasons.

MBC3 began airing the 7th season on September 7, 2013 but this time it'll be hosted by Assala Kamel, the first 6 seasons were hosted by Hassan Al Moula.

Qololi Kaif (Tell me How)

Qololi Kaif is an encyclopedic TV show for children, which features a scientific subject each episode, with the channel's primary host, Dania as the host of this show.

Meen Al-Aqwa (Who's The Strongest)

Meen Al-Aqwa is a television game show for children, which focuses on scientific questions and physical contests, both combined in this show. It is a very entertaining yet educational show. The winning teams get prizes like Wii, Xbox, and may also get other toys and games, but this show is either on hiatus, or cancelled.

Safinat Al-Kanz (Treasure Ship)

Safinat Al-Kanz is an adventure game show. In this show, teams of intrepid young explorers try their hands at a series of games, designed to test the nerve of any budding hero. In three rounds, two teams consisting of two kids challenge each other by going through brain teasers, making a mess on a pirate ship, and diving through an obstacle course. The show started airing on October 1, 2008 and ended on October 31, 2008.

Rihla haoula al Alam (journey around the world)

A travel show presented by Hasan Al Moula where he visits the world's most famous countries,recognizes their habits and food and see their famous sites and give general information about the country.

Etkharaj Fe youm (Graduate in a Day)

A children's quiz program presented by Dania El Shafie. It consists of 12 questions that present school grades and contestants can win prizes through these grades.The final prize is 50000 R$ .It consists of two seasons. The first season premiered on November 27, 2010 and ended on February 27, 2011, the second season premiered on April 7, 2011.

Esh Tabkhin Ya Danya (What's Cooking Danya?)

A children's cooking show presented by Dania El Shafie that consists of two seasons. it hosts guests from children or parents to cook multiple recipes. the first season focused on popular Arabian food but the second one focused on healthy food.

Al Mokhtabar (The Laboratory)

A children's scientific show presented by Dania El Shafie that explains physics rules and phenomena through experiences. It consists of only one season.

Al Tajrouba (The Experience)

A children's scientific show presented by Dania El Shafie that proves the exactitude,inaccuracy or possibility of some common rumours about daily life through experiences. it consists of two seasons.

Asia fi 30 Youm (Asia in 30 Days)

A children's travel shows presented by Mohannad Bakhit. He travels around Asia in a limited time of 30 days where he visits the country's historical monuments,tastes its famous food,uses its local transport vehicle, tries on its traditional clothing and assists a local cultural event. The countries are:UAE, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, South Korea and Japan.

Zoo Time

A children's animal/quiz show presented by Dania El Shafi that host contestants that are challenged for missions concluded by questions about certain animals in the UAE zoo.A gold medal is earned when all questions are answered correctly.it currently consists of two seasons.

Yalla Nehki (Let's Talk)

A children's talk show presented by Azza Zaarour that discusses common problems faced by children in school or at home and hosts kids that explain and talk their experiences.It currently consists of one season.

Haoula al Mamlaka (Around the Kingdom)

A children's travel show presented by Hasan al Moula where he travels around Saudi Arabia's provinces and cities and discovers the nation's heritage as well as its touristic sites.


A children's informational show presented by all four presenters (two each episode) that presents the latest random and weird news and videos from different countries.It consists of two seasons.

Hilmak Hakika (Dream Jobs)

A children's reality show presented by Azza Zaarour that gives the chance for kids to learn about and live their dream job in one day and in the same day try another job they've never thought of working.It currently consists of one season.

Al Aaila al Akoua (The Strongest Family)

A children's game show presented by Mohannad Bakhit that hosts three teams (each team consists of a parent and his child) who run into multiple physical and mental challenges to win prizes and the title of "The Strongest Family".

Khataouat Naima (Gentle Steps)

A live family talk show (that also airs on MBC 1) presented by Azza Zaarour that hosts specialists to discuss challenges and problems faced by mothers.its slogan is :"Gentle Steps,where mothers and children communicate".

Shou fi aa 3 (What's on MBC 3)

An informational show presented by Asalla Kamel that gives sneak peeks of the new shows,episodes and movies airing on the channel every week

Aalam Al Ballonat (Balloon World)

This short program shows how to make shapes with balloons like plants and animals.


This short program shows how to make origami.

Tasaly Ahla Aalam (best world games)

An arcade game program that gives callers the chance to play various arcade games like join 4, the pattern, catch the box and many more. In the end of the week the winners will be announced and will win prizes like Samsung tablet.


An animated series aimed for girls.


Despite being a channel intended for children, MBC 3 ironically has the highest level of censorship of all its sister channels, mainly to protect the morality of its audience, whom are mostly minors raised under Islamic teachings. Most of the censored content are usually featured uncut on MBC Group's other channels. Censors often apply to certain "adult topics" found in all broadcast productions, whether it is animated or live-action. These include cuts of any form of visual romance outside of marriage (even if considered child-friendly) as well as even mentions of such relations, the mildest of kissing scenes (pecking between family members is often retained), awkward angles of female characters in very skimpy outfits (although showing of skimpy outfits is generally retained in casual scenes), sensual scenes between members of the opposite sex even if they are mere friends, most scenes of comically cross-dressed males, all references to alcohol and gambling, explicit and visual references to non-Islamic religious content, which even includes holy people, places, and habits (although rare mentions are retained), and visually grotesque scenes (such as animal scat and farm pigs in the mud). Most of the romantic cuts are usually applied to human or human-like characters, as romance between realistic animals is often retained.

Despite all mentioned cuts, MBC 3 does not seem to have a proper consensus for such censors. Some productions, such as certain films or television episodes with extensive romance themes, feature cuts that are so heavy it absurdly renders the plot continuities as nonsense. There are also occasional cases of cuts that have no explanation behind them. In fact, not everything featured on MBC 3 is censored, such as classic cartoons (which usually function as in-betweeners) like Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, feature little to no cuts whatsoever. Additionally, all productions related to Tom and Jerry, whether as the classic cartoons or newer productions such as Tom and Jerry Tales, feature no censorship at all (at least, no censorship applied by MBC 3, as some of their classic cartoon prints feature censors issued officially by Cartoon Network).

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