Lee Rock II

Lee Rock II

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Traditional 五億探長雷洛傳II之父子情仇
Simplified 五亿探长雷洛传II之父子情仇
Mandarin Wǔ Yì Tàn Zhǎng Léi Luò Chuán Èr Zhī Fù Zǐ Qíng Chóu
Cantonese Ng2 Yik1 Taam3 Zeong2 Leoi4 Lok6 Zyun2 Ji6 Zi1 Fu6 Zi2 Cing4 Sau4
Directed by Lawrence Ah Mon
Produced by Jimmy Heung
Wong Jing
Screenplay by Chan Man-keung
Chan Wah
Starring Andy Lau
Sharla Cheung
Aaron Kwok
Ng Man-tat
Chingmy Yau
Paul Chun
Music by Chow Kung-sing
Cinematography Gigo Lee
Andrew Lau
Edited by Kwong Chi-leung
Yu Shun
Distributed by Golden Harvest
Release dates
10 October 1991 (1991-10-10)
Running time
111 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$23,135,334

Lee Rock II is a 1991 Hong Kong crime drama film directed by Lawrence Ah Mon and starring Andy Lau, Sharla Cheung and Aaron Kwok. The film is a direct sequel to Lee Rock released earlier in the same year, which is inspired by a true story of real life corrupt police officer Lui Lok, who is portrayed in the film as Lee Rock by Lau.


The film directly continues with Lee Rock, with a few minute recap of the main details of its predecessor.

In 1959, Yau Ma Tei foreign detective Reeve retires, which leads to a competition between Lee Rock and Ngan Tung for the position as Yau Ma Tei's chief detective. Ngan Tung does not hesitate to collide with many of Hong Kong's businessmen and drug dealers in hopes of taking the throne. Lee Rock also refuses to back down and pleases to Commissioner's wife, while the Commissioner also highly regards Lee. Although ultimately Ngan Tung gets the position as the chief detective of Yau Ma Tei, Lee Rock was also promoted as the Chief Chinese Detective, a newly created post, which puts Lee ahead of Ngan. After Lee takes office, he reforms the procedures of each department, gaining support from many businessmen and his momentum appears rises. As contrast to Ngan Tung, who is all plummeted, which makes his hatred toward Lee more stronger. Therefor, got King Crab's henchman to assassinate Lee, where Lee escaped unharmed. To avoid having Lee find out that he was the mastermind behind the assassination, Ngan kills Crab.

During the 1960s, Lee Rock's power is monstrous, not only does he control the entire Hong Kong Police Force's operations, but also actively invests in commercial real estate, entertainment and many other fields. He becomes a major figure with an estimated wealth of HK$500 million.

In 1972 Britain sent Sutcliffe to Hong Kong to be the new Commissioner of Police. He finds the Hong Kong Police Force to be extremely corrupt, making the entire community a big hotbed of crime, and he is determined to actively combat all criminal activities. This makes it difficult to Lee and everyone else. In 1974, the ICAC was established and is committed to combating all forms of corruption, which leads to Lee Rock's idea of early retirement. Lee decides to transfer all of its assets in Canada and emigrating to Canada with his family.

In the aspect of his family, Rose's arrival to Hong Kong coincides with the time of polygamy being abolished in Hong Kong. In order to avoid being the third party between Lee and his wife Grace, she chooses to bring his son Bill Lee away from Lee, where they settle in Australia. Rose works hard to raise Bill, and they come back to Hong Kong after Bill grows up. Bill also became a staff member of the ICAC. Bill learned a number of ways about his father's sinful acts, which causes his strong hatred towards his father. The conflict between the father and son causes Rose to be ill and hospitalized. When Lee Rock learns that Rose is dying, he rushes to the hospital but was hunted down at the same time. It was King Crab's younger brother form Netherlands, who came to avenge his brother when he heard the lie from Ngan that Lee killed Crab. Lee suffers from a gunshot wound and witnessed Rose's death at the hospital. The killers also arrived at that time and Lee Rock and his son work together to kill of the killers, which also improves the relationship between the father and son.

In the end, a lot of corruption is still happening in Hong Kong, especially in the police force where various police officers have been arrested by the ICAC and treated by the law; while the wanted Lee Rock enjoys a stable life with his family in Canada.


Box office

The film grossed HK$23,135,334 during its theatrical run from 10 October to 20 November 1991 in Hong Kong.

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