Aaron Kwok filmography

This is the filmography of Hong Kong singer and actor Aaron Kwok.


Year Title Role Notes
2016 Cold War 2 Sean K. F. Lau Post-production[1]
One Night Only Gao Ye
MBA Partners Guest star
The Monkey King 2 Sun Wukong
2015 Monk Comes Down the Mountain Zhou Xiyu
Port of Call Detective Chong
2014 The Monkey King Bull Demon
2013 Silent Witness Tong Tao
Christmas Rose Chan Chi-tin
Conspirators Chan Tam
Better and Better Xie Defa
2012 Cold War Sean K.F. Lau
Floating City Bo Wah-chuen
2011 Love in Space Michael Chan
Chrysanthemum Royal Tea
The Detective 2 Tam
Love for Life Zhao Deyi
2010 City Under Siege Sunny
Empire of Silver Third Master
2009The Storm Warriors Striding Cloud
Murderer Ling Kwong Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
2008 One 2008th
2007 The Detective Chan Tam Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
2006 After This Our Exile Chow Cheung-sheng Golden Horse Awards for Best Actor
Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
2005 Divergence Suen Siu-yan Golden Horse Awards for Best Actor
Golden Deer Awards for Best Actor
Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actor
2004 Throw Down Tony
Heat Team YT Lee
2003 1:99
Love Under the Sun
2001 Para Para Sakura Wong Kam-shing (Sexy King) Nominated - Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Original Film Song
2000 China Strike Force Darren Tong
And I Hate You So Zhang Yong
2000 A.D. Peter Li
1998 The Storm Riders Striding Cloud Nominated - Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Original Film Song
Anna Magdalena Yau Muk-yan (aka Yau Wing-fu)
1996 Somebody Up There Likes Me Ken Wong
1995 Whatever Will Be, Will Be Mr. Lam
1994 The Kung Fu Scholar Lau Sin-hoi
1993Future Cops Ryu
Legend of the Liquid Sword Chu Liuxiang
Love is a Fairy Tale Hung
The Bare-Footed Kid Guan Fung-yao
A Moment of Romance II Ah Fu
Millionaire Cop Ball/Jessy Li
1992Gameboy Kids Chung
Gangs '92 Sam Lam
Truant Heroes Ace
Rhythm of Destiny Lee Ka-wah
The Shootout Wong Ka-fai
1991 The Banquet Younger Brother of Small B Head
Saviour of the Soul Silver Fox Nominated - Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
The Queen of Gamble Ah Po
Lee Rock II Lui Yong-yin
1990 Story of Kennedy Town Lee Siu-wai
1989 Close Escape Ben Lwok
1988 The Big Heat

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Television series

Year Title Role Notes
2004 Sunshine Heartbeat Aaron Cameo
2003 Romancing Hong Kong Ku Ho-man
Regalia Bay Aaron Episodes 5-6
1996 Wars of Bribery Yeung Tai-chi
1994 Heartsrings Lam Chun-fai
1992 Modern Love Story On Episode 3
Revelation of the Last Hero Lok Fung / Nip Wan
1991 Yuppie on the Move Patrick Lam
Man from Guangdong Leung Kan
1990 When Things Get Tough Ng Yu
The Gods and Demons of Zu Mountain Yim Kam-sim
1989 Song Bird Wong Chun-chun
Two of a Kind Tsui Yu
1988 Everybody's Somebody's Favourite Sung Kai-yuen
Twilight of a Nation Chun Yat-kong
The Final Verdict Rascal
1987 Young Beat
Shang Hai Dai Fung Bo Japanese general
Genghis Khan Nok-yin


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