Lawrence Ng

Lawrence Ng
Chinese name 吳啟華 (traditional)
Chinese name 吴启华 (simplified)
Born (1964-05-19) 19 May 1964
Hong Kong
Years active 1986 - present
Ancestry Panyu, Guangdong, China

Lawrence Ng Kai Wah (traditional Chinese: 吳啟華; simplified Chinese: 吴启华, pinyin: Wú Qǐhuá; born 19 May 1964) is a popular TV actor in Hong Kong. His more famous works include the television series Healing Hands and the films Fate Twisters and Sex and Zen.


Lawrence's first appearance was in 1986 in the TV series The Feud of Two Brothers (流氓大亨); he was cast as villain Chung Wai-shun. Wai-shun had conflicts with his brother even though the latter cared about him. As the villain, he killed his own father, caused a girl who had a crush on him to become disabled and caused an intelligent woman (Dodo Cheng) to become paralyzed. Since his early beginnings in the television industry, he has been an actor of Hong Kong's TVB as a lead male for the great extent of his career.

In 1991 Lawrence starred in the infamous erotic film Sex and Zen (玉蒲團之偷情寶鑑) alongside Amy Yip. Although the it was a massive success at the box office and many people, outside of Hong Kong and unfamiliar with his long television career, best identify him for his role in the film, Lawrence mentioned in an interview that he was embarrassed for having made it (had it not been for certain "trying" reasons) and wishes that he instead be known for his serious character roles in modern and period drama TV series.

Recent pursuits

Although he continues to be a popular leading actor in Hong Kong, playing only the lead male role, Lawrence Ng has decided to pursue his talent in business, leaving the full-time entertainment industry, stating that "an actor cannot act forever". He married his girlfriend, Shek Yeung Chi, a model from mainland China after terminating his per-series contract with TVB in May 2007. His business ventures (European restaurants) have also recently begun operating and some also have closed down.


Year Title Role Notes
1984The Other Side of the Horizon
1984The Duke of Mount Deer
1985Sword Stained with Royal Blood
1985The Battlefield
1986The Feud of Two Brothers Chung Wai-shun
1987The Legend of the Book and the Sword
1987The Grand Canal TV series
1988The Crazy Companies II
1991The Banquet
1991New Dragon Gate Inn
1991Sex and Zen
1992Centre Stage
1993The Underground Banker
1994Hail the Judge
1994A Chinese Torture Chamber Story
1995Peace Hotel
1996ICAC Investigators 1996
1997Files of Justice V
1998A Place of One's Own
1998Till When Do Us Apart
1998Healing Hands Dr. Paul Ching Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor
1999A Loving Spirit
1999Till When Do Us Part
1999My Heart Will Go On
2000The Heavenly Sword and the Dragon SaberZhang Wuji
2000Healing Hands 2 Dr. Paul ChingNominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor
2000A Taste of Love
2000When a Man Loves a Woman
2001Every Dog Has His Date
2002Police Station No.7 TV series
2002The Threat of Love II
2002The Legendary Siblings 2
2003Back to Square One
2003Fate Twisters
2003Sai Kung Story
2005Healing Hands 3Dr. Paul Ching TV series
2006At Home With LoveChung Chi-leung TV series
2006Mr. 3 Minutes
201072 Tenants of Prosperity
2010The Men of Justice Fong Tsz-ho TV series
2012Xuan-Yuan Sword: Scar of Sky Guyue the Immortal TV series
2013The Hippocratic Crush II Lok Yin-sun TV series
20137 AssassinsRevolutionary
2014 Never Dance Alone Alan Yiu TV series
2014 Tomorrow Is Another Day Man Seung-sing TV series
2015 The Dangerous Affair
2015 Keeper of Darkness cameo
2015 The Prospector
2015 Make Explorations
2016 Presumed Accidents George Kiu

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