Healing Hands

This article is about the Hong Kong TV drama. For the 1989 Elton John song, see Healing Hands (song).
Healing Hands

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Genre Modern Drama, Medical
Starring Lawrence Ng
Bowie Lam
Ada Choi
Flora Chan
Nick Cheung
Steven Ma
William So
Astrid Chan
Ending theme "不想獨自快樂" by
William So
"曾經幾許" by
Steven Ma
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 32
Producer(s) Tang Tak Hei
Running time 45 minutes
Original network TVB
Original release August 31 – October 10, 1998
Followed by Healing Hands II (2000)
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Healing Hands

Chinese 妙手仁心
Literal meaning "Healing Hearts"

Healing Hands (妙手仁心) is a 1998 Hong Kong medical drama series that ran on TVB Jade. It focuses on the lives and loves of the doctors and nurses at the fictional Yan Oi Hospital in Hong Kong. It is noted for its realism in depicting medical situations, thanks to the help of the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, who had loaned actual hospital equipment and facilities for filming. It can be considered the Hong Kong equivalent to the American television series ER, although its storyline are arguably mirrored in another American series, Grey's Anatomy.[1] Lawrence Ng is the main star of the show as neurosurgeon Dr. Paul Ching Chi Mei. The other main role is played by Bowie Lam, who plays Dr. Henry Lai Kwok Chu as an accident and emergency doctor who is best friends with Paul.

The series was considered controversial within Hong Kong during its original run, as it dealt with sensitive issues such as homosexuality and AIDS. This was regarded as one of the main factors as to why the Hospital Authority pulled its support after the series was aired.

The show was followed by two sequels, Healing Hands II (2000) and Healing Hands III (2005).


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Notes and references

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Awards and achievements
TVB Anniversary Awards
Preceded by
Old Time Budy
Best Drama
Succeeded by
Rural Hero
- August 28
TVB Jade Second line series 1998
Healing Hands
August 31 - October 9
Burning Flame
October 12 -
TVB Jade The Final Episode Special - Saturday at 21:30-23:30
Healing Hands
October 10

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