Las dos caras de Ana

Las Dos Caras de Ana
Created by Pablo Serra
Written by Claudia Elisa Aguilar
Directed by Gaston Tuset
Starring Ana Layevska
Rafael Amaya
Maria Rubio
Theme music composer Camila
Opening theme Coleccionista de Canciones by Camila
Ending theme Coleccionista de Canciones by Camila
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 120
Executive producer(s) Lucero Suarez
Producer(s) Lucero Suarez
Running time 60 minutes
Original network Televisa
Original release September 25, 2006 – March 9, 2007
Preceded by Heridas de amor
Followed by Bajo las riendas del amor
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Las Dos Caras de Ana (The Two Faces of Ana) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Televisa and Fonovideo that debuted in 2006, starring: Ana Layevska and Rafael Amaya as the protagonists and Alexa Damian as the main villain of the story. The telenovela was made, filmed and set in Miami, Florida. The title is upon the phrase Las Dos Caras de Jano (The Two Faces of Ana).


We meet Ana Escudero in Miami with her entire family in a two-story house until one fateful night when Ana's entire world crashes down on top of her. In the grand debut of the telenovela, the rash Ignacio Bustamante destroyed Ana's life when he runs over her brother while he is trying to change the tire to his car. To cover up the accident, Ignacio purposely throws a sleeping gas bomb into her house while her mom and brother's fiance are inside and then sets the house on fire. Everyone believes it was Ana who died. Her brother, who was in a coma, came out of it, but paralyzed. Afraid for their lives, they move to New York for two years before Fabian dies of an aneurism. Because of this, Ana vows revenge on the Butstamante family and takes on a new persona. Unknowingly, at the same time, Ana meets the brother of Ignacio named Gustavo, the son who had been disowned by his father for refusing to go into the family business and wanting to pursue an acting career. Ana falls in love with Gustavo, not realizing that he's part of the family that she wants to seek revenge on.


From September 25, 2006 to March 9, 2007 El Canal de las Estrellas aired Las dos caras de Ana at 5:00 with replacing Heridas de Amor.

Univision broadcast the first episode of Las dos caras de Ana on December 18, 2006 with replacing Rebelde at 3pm/2pm central, The last episode was broadcast on June 4, 2007 with replacing Codigo Postal (telenovela) at 3pm/2pm central the next day.


International releases

Country TV Channels Local Title
 Romania Acasa TV Cele doua fete ale Anei
 Philippines Telenovela Channel The Two Sides of Ana/Las dos Caras de Ana
 Morocco 2M

أنا (Ana)

 Croatia HRT 1 Anin dvostruki život (Ana's Dual Life)
 Kenya NTV The Two Sides of Ana
 France IDF1
Les Deux Visages d'Ana
 Bulgaria Diema Family Двете лица на Ана
 Philippines ATC @ IBC 13 (second airing) The Two Sides of Ana/Ang Dalawang Mukha ni Ana
 Philippines BEAM Channel 31 The Two Sides of Ana
 United Kingdom Drama
The 2 Sides of Ana
 Spain La Sexta 2 Las dos Caras de Ana
 Spain La Sexta 3 Las dos Caras de Ana
 Venezuela Televen Las dos Caras de Ana
 Ecuador Canal Uno Las dos Caras de Ana
 Costa Rica Repretel Las dos Caras de Ana
 Peru América Televisión Las dos Caras de Ana
 Colombia Canal RCN Las dos Caras de Ana
 United States Univision
Fox 5
The 2 Sides Of Ana/Las dos Caras de Ana
 Dominican Republic Telemicro Las dos Caras de Ana
 Paraguay Telefuturo Las dos Caras de Ana
 Chile TVN Las dos Caras de Ana
 Chile Telemix Internaciónal Las dos Caras de Ana
 Argentina Telefe Las dos Caras de Ana
 Europe Tlnovelas Las dos Caras de Ana
 Slovenia POP Tv Dvojno Življenje
 Brazil SBT As Duas Caras de Ana
 Jamaica CVM TV The Two Sides Of Ana[1]

Awards and Nominations

Tv Y Novelas 2007

Category Nominee[2] Result[3]
Best Telenovela Lucero Suárez Nominated
Best Lead Actress Ana LayevskaNominated
Best Lead Actor Rafael Amaya Nominated
Best Male Antagonist Mauricio Aspe Nominated
Best Primer Actress Maria Rubio Nominated
Best Co-Star Actor Francisco Rubio Nominated
Best Direction Gastón Tuset and Claudia Elisa Aguilar Nominated
Best Musical Theme Coleccionista de canciones by Camila Nominated

9 nominations, none received.


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