Lola, érase una vez

Lola, érase una vez
Genre Telenovela
Created by Cris Morena
Written by Iván Cuevas, María Eugenia Cervantes, Pedro Armando Rodríguez, Alejandra Romero
Story by
  • Gabriel Fiore
  • Solange Keoleyan
Directed by
  • Juan Carlos Muñoz
  • Luis Pardo
Creative director(s) Alexis Covasevich
Theme music composer Carlos Lara, Pedro Damián
Opening theme
  • "Si me besas" performed by Eiza González
  • "Masoquismo" performed by Eiza González
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 224
Executive producer(s) Pedro Damián
Producer(s) Luis Luisillo
  • Daniel Ferrer
  • Vivian Sánchez Ross
Editor(s) Noé Galindo, Julio Abreu, Juan Franco, Luis Horacio Valdés
Production company(s)
Original network Canal de las Estrellas
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Audio format Stereophonic
Original release February 26, 2007 (2007-02-26) – January 11, 2008 (2008-01-11)
Preceded by Código postal
Followed by Amor sin maquillaje
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Lola, érase una vez, is a teen-targeted Mexican melodrama telenovela produced by Televisa that is an adaptation of the Argentine global phenomenon and teenage telenovela Floricienta.[1] The show tells the story of a modern Cinderella, Lola, a 20-year-old girl, who works as a nanny and sings in a rock band and meets her so-called Prince Charming (Aaron Diaz). It debuted in Mexico on February 26, 2007, starring Aarón Díaz and Eiza González, and was produced by Pedro Damián.


The modern fairy tale takes place in Mexico City and revolves around Lola, a poor but ambitious Mexican girl. Lola's life changes when she meets Alexander Von Ferdinand, the older son of a very rich German Mexican family whose parents died in an accident. Alexander is the head of the family and has five younger siblings (Marcos, Archibaldo, Marion, Boris & Otto) living with him in a huge mansion (Palace).

While Alexander is in a trip to Germany, he leaves his younger siblings at home with their nanny. The siblings throw a party, inviting Lola and her band to play. A bubble machine soon breaks and fills the house with bubbles. Suddenly, Alexander unexpectedly returns to his home in Mexico. The invited teenagers to the party flee, including the band, but Lola goes back into the house to rescue the youngest of the siblings, Otto who is only six years old. Otto is returned to his older siblings and Lola is covered with foam, hiding her face. Alexander tells her to stop and Lola runs from the mansion leaving one of her "lucky" pink converse (glass slipper) behind.

Sometime later, Otto once again puts Lola in trouble by hiding in back of her motorcycle. As an apology, Alexander offers Lola a job as a nanny in the Von Ferdinand mansion. Alexander has a cold personality until he falls in love with Lola upon meeting her, he becomes her "Prince Charming". Alexander has a girlfriend, Carlota, whom he does not truly love and feels obligated to marry because of social status. Carlota at the same time does not truly love him, wants Alexander's money, and cheats and deceives him. Along with Carlota comes her wicked & recent widowed mother, Monserrat and her more pleasant sister Rafaela. Alexander's siblings hate Carlota & her mother and are constantly doing mischiefs to get them out of the mansion and also to prevent Carlota from marrying their older brother.

Lola and Alexander fall in love with each other, and Carlota and Monserrat try everything in their way so that Carlota marries Alexander for his money and for him to not end up with Lola. Together these two "witches" also attempt everything for Lola to not find out that she is really the stepdaughter of Monserrat and halfsister of Carlota and Rafaela, in so she gains half of the Santo Domingo fortune. Lola, with help of the children, her rock band, magic, fairies and love attempt to "save" Alexander from the wicked witches, and vice versa.




  • Lorena Herrera as Monserrat Torres-Oviedo de Santo Domingo
  • Tiaré Scanda as Milagros Ramos
  • Grettell Valdez as Carlota Santo Domingo Torres-Oviedo
  • Beatriz Moreno as Petra Sigrid Von Beethoven
  • Zoraida Gómez as Rafaela Santo Domingo Torres-Oviedo
  • Natasha Dupeyrón as Marion Von Ferdinand
  • Derrick James as Marcus Von Ferdinand
  • Eddy Vilard as Archibaldo Von Ferdinand
  • Juan Luis as Bóris Von Ferdinand
  • Octavio Ocaña as Otto Von Ferdinand
  • Viviana Ramos as Blanca
  • Luis Gerardo Méndez as Bataca
  • Juan Acosta as Facha
  • Violeta Isfel as Gaby
  • Carlos Guerra as Diego
  • Victoria Díaz as Mercedes
  • Ingrid Schwebel as Valentina
  • Alejandro Peraza as Raúl Ramos
  • Rubén Cerda as Antonino
  • Alejandra Jurado as Cándida
  • Felipe Nájera as Severo
  • Alberto Agnesi as Patrick
  • Alejandro Nones as Waldo López
  • Roberto Assad as Chacho Ramos
  • Alan Estrada as Nicolás
  • Anneliese Asúnsolo as Matilde
  • Blanca Sánchez as Nilda Santo Domingo
  • Juan Ríos as Eduardo

Special guest stars


Lola, Erase Una Vez was the only Floricienta remake not to use the original songs penned by Cris Morena and Carlos Nilson. Instead, a double CD was released with songs composed by Mexican pop songwriters in one album and nine new Cris Morena penned songs in another (and a rock version of Flores Amarilla, included in the original soundtrack).

The show's theme song is "Masoquismo" (Masochism). Other songs include "Si Me Besas" (If You Kiss Me), Espiral (Spiral), Princesa(Princess) and Sapo Azul(Prince Charming). In March 2009, González won New Artist/Revelation of the Year at the Premio Lo Nuestro Awards. González was nominated for Best New Artist at the Premios Oye!. Gonzalez also performed in 2008 in los premios juventud.


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