Japan Academy Prize (film award)

Japan Academy Prize
Awarded for Excellence in film making
Country  Japan
Presented by Japan Academy Prize Association
First awarded 1978
Official website http://www.japan-academy-prize.jp/

The Japan Academy Prize (日本アカデミー賞 Nippon Akademī-shō), often called the Japan Academy Awards or the Japanese Academy Awards, is a series of awards given annually since 1978 by the Nippon Academy-shō Association for excellence in Japanese film. Award categories are similar to the Academy Awards.

The award statue itself measures 27 cm × 11 cm × 11 cm (10.7 in × 4.4 in × 4.4 in).[1]

The 37th Japan Academy Prize Ceremony took place on Friday March 7, 2014 at the Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa in Tokyo.[2]



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