Hundred Flowers Awards

People's Hundred Flowers Award

The Hundred Flowers Award
Awarded for Best in film
Country China
Presented by China Film Association
First awarded 1962
Hundred Flowers Award
Simplified Chinese 大众电影百花奖

The People's Hundred Flower Award (Chinese: 大众电影百花奖; pinyin: Dàzhòng Diànyǐng Bǎihuā Jiǎng) or Hundred Flowers Awards, the equivalent of China's Golden Globes, are considered, together with the Golden Rooster Awards, the most prestigious film awards in China. The awards were inaugurated by China Film Association in 1962 and sponsored by Popular Cinema (大众电影) magazine, which has the largest circulation in mainland China.

The awards were formerly voted by the readers of Popular Cinema annually.[1] Recent polls allow voters to cast ballots through SMS, the Internet or by phone call. Voting is now no longer confined to readers of Popular Cinema.[2] Award recipients receive a statuette in the shape of a goddess of Flowers (花神).


The 2nd Hundred Flowers Awards poll was held in 1963, but the poll was not conducted again until 1980, owing to the Cultural Revolution. It became an annual event from 1980 until 2004. Since 2004, the Hundred Flowers Awards ceremonies are held biennially, on alternate years with the Golden Rooster.

In 1992, the Golden Rooster and the Hundred Flowers Awards were combined into a single national festival.[3]

From 1980 to 2004, the yearly Hundred Flowers poll selects three films with the highest tallied votes as the Best Pictures of the year. Since 2006, Chinese-language films from Taiwan and Hong Kong are also eligible for awards. Note also that since 2006, films in the past two years are eligible. The film with the highest number of votes is chosen as best picture, with two runners-up.

New Ballot Rules

Since 2006, China Film Association improves the ballot rules. The first ballot will result in a list of 8-10 pre-candidate's votes, from the films which box office beyond five million yuan in mainland market, by the 100 cinema managers of China City Film Developing Association and members of China Film Association.

The second ballot will have the public selecting the five nominations in each category by internet, mobile network, magazine votes and SMS. Each nominee will receive a "Hundred Flowers Awards Nomination Certificate".

The last ballot, a China official notary will randomly select 101 audience members, who voted in the second round and give a dedicated screening for all nominated pictures. Eventually, the 101 audience members will have a secret ballot and subsequently announce the winners.[4]

Best Picture(s) winners

CeremonyYearTitleS. Chinese TitleDirector
1st 1962 The Red Detachment of Women 红色娘子兵 Xie Jin
2nd 1963 Li Shuangshuang 李双双 Lu Ren

not awarded
3rd 1980 Ji Hongchang 吉鸿昌 Li Guanghui
Tearstains 泪痕 Li Wenhua
Little Flower 小花 Zhang Zheng
4th 1981 Romance on Lushan Mountain 庐山恋 Huang Zhumo
Legend of the Tianyun Mountain 天云山传奇 Xie Jin
The Seventh-Rank Sesame Seed-Sized Official 七品芝麻官 Xie Tian
5th 1982 In Laws 喜盈门 Zhao Huanzhang
Longing for Home 乡情 Hu Bingliu,
Wang Jin
The White Snake 白蛇传 Fu Chaowu
6th 1983 At Middle Age 人到中年 Wang Qiming,
Sun Yu
The Herdsman 牧马人 Xie Jin,
Huang Shuqin
Rickshaw Boy 骆驼祥人 Ling Zifeng
7th 1984 Our Niu Baisui 咱们的牛百岁 Zhao Huanzhang
Ward 16 十六号病房 Zhang Yuan,
Yu Yanfu
The Story Should Not Have Happened 不该发生的故事 Zhang Hui
8th 1985 Wreaths at the Foot of the Mountain 高山下的花环 Xie Jin
The Girl in Red 红衣少女 Lu Xiaoya
Life 人生 Wu Tianming
9th 1986 Juvenile Delinquents 少年犯 Zhang Liang
Sunrise 日出 Yu Benzheng
Our Retired Veterans 咱们的退伍兵 Zhao Huanzhang
10th 1987 Sun Zhongshan 孙中山 Ding Yinnan
Hibiscus Town 芙蓉镇 Xie Jin
The Battle of Tai'erzhuang 血战台儿庄 Yang Guangyuan,
Zhai Junjie
11th 1988 Red Sorghum 紅高梁 Zhang Yimou
Old Well 老井 Wu Tianming
The Wilderness 原野 Ling Zi
12th 1989 Chun Tao alias A Woman for Two 春桃 Ling Zifeng
The Village of Widows 寡妇村 Wang Jin
The Republic Will Never Forget 共和国不会忘记 Zhai Junjie
13th 1990 Founding Ceremony 开国大典 Li Qiankuan,
Xiao Guiyun
Black Snow 本命年 Xie Fei
The Kunlun Column 巍巍昆仑 Hao Guang,
Jing Mukui
14th 1991 Jiao Yulu 焦裕祿 Wang Jixing
Dragon Year Cops 龙年警官 Huang Jianzhong,
Li Ziyu
Peking Duck Restaurant 老店 Gu Rong
15th 1992 Decisive Engagement: The Liaoxi Shenyang Campaign 大决战 Li Jun
Zhou Enlai 周恩来 Ding Yinnan
The Spring Festival 过年 Huang Jianzhong
16th 1993 Raise the Red Lantern 大红灯笼高高挂 Zhang Yimou
The Story of Qiu Ju 秋菊打官司 Zhang Yimou
Yang Guifei 杨贵妃 Lin Jialin
17th 1994 Country Teachers 凤凰琴 He Qun
Chongqing Negotiation 重庆谈判 Li Qiankuan,
Qiao Guiyun,
Li Yifei
An Artillery Major 炮兵少校 Zhao Weiheng
18th 1995 The Accused Uncle Shangang 被告山杠爷 Fan Yuan
Probation within the Village 留村查看 Lei Xianhe,
Wang Xingdong
A Fatherless Girl 一个独生女的故事 Guo Lin
19th 1996 Red Cherry 红樱桃 Ye Daying
The July 7th Incident 七七事变 Li Xiankuan,
Xiao Guiyun
The Strangers in Beijing 混在北京 He Qun
20th 1997 Red River Valley aka A Tale of the Sacred Mountain 红河谷 Feng Xiaoning
The Breakthrough 2 大转折 Wei Lian
Days Without a Hero 离开雷锋的日子 Lei Xianhe,
Kang Ning
21st 1998 The Dream Factory 甲方乙方 Feng Xiaogang
Jiang Feng
The Opium War 鸦片战争 Xie Jin
The Long March 长征 Zhai Junjie
22nd 1999 Male Sorority Director 男妇女主任 Zhang Huizhong
The Matchmaker 红娘 Huang Jianzhong
Not One Less 一个都不能少 Zhang Yimou
23rd 2000 The Road Home 我的父亲母亲 Zhang Yimou
Lover's Grief over the Yellow River 黄河绝恋 Feng Xiaoning
National Anthem 国歌 Wu Ziniu
24th 2001 Fatal Decision 生死抉择 Yu Benzhen
Breaking the Silence 漂亮妈妈 Sun Zhou
Fragrant Vows 芬芳誓言 Wang Xiaotang
25th 2002 A Young Prisoner's Revenge 法官妈妈 Mu Teyuan
25 Kids and a Dad 二十五个孩子一个爹 Huang Hong
Big Shot's Funeral 大腕 Feng Xiaogang
26th 2003 Hero 英雄 Zhang Yimou
Charging Out Amazon 冲出亚马逊 Song Yaming
Deng Xiaoping 邓小平 Deng Yinan
27th 2004 Cell Phone 手机 Feng Xiaogang
Runner-upWarm Spring 暖春 Tana Wulan
A SARS journey 惊心动魄 Wang Jia,
Shen Dong
28th 2006
Zhang Side 张思德 Yin Li
Runner-upKung Fu Hustle 功夫 Stephen Chow Sing-Chi
Between Life and Death 生死牛玉儒 Zhou Youzhao
29th 2008
Assembly 集结号 Feng Xiaogang
Runner-upThe Knot 云水谣 Yin Li
Invisible Wings 隐形的翅膀 Feng Zhenzhi
30th 2010
The Founding of a Republic 建国大业 Han Sanping
Huang Jianxin
Runner-upMulan 花木兰 Jingle Ma Cho-shing
Jingtiandongdi 惊天动地 Wang Jia
Shen Dong
31st 2012
Aftershock 唐山大地震 Feng Xiaogang
Runner-upLove Is Not Blind 失恋33天 Teng Huatao
1911 Revolution 辛亥革命 Jackie Chan Kong-sang
Zhang Li

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