Lives of Omission

Lives of Omission

Lives of Omission official poster
Also known as 'Salute Laughing Sir'
Genre Crime thriller
Screenplay by Cat Kwan
Yip Tin-shing
Lai Sin-yee
Chan Ka-wang
Chiu Mei-yee
Cheung Ying-wai
Cheung Chung-chai
Wong Siu-lung
Directed by So Man-chung
Chung Kwok-keung
Lee Kin-wo
Lam Chi-yan
Yip Chun-fai
Starring Michael Tse
Bosco Wong
Fala Chen
Kate Tsui
Damian Lau
Opening theme Duk Hang (獨行) by Michael Tse (Also the ending theme in even numbers episodes)
Ending theme Dai Sin (底線) by Bosco Wong (In odd numbers episodes)
Composer(s) Yip Kai-chung
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 30
Producer(s) Chong Wai-kin
Location(s) Hong Kong
Camera setup Multi camera
Production company(s) TVB
Original network Jade
HD Jade
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Original release 1 August – 9 September 2011 (2011-09-09)
Followed by Turning Point 2 (2011)
Related shows E.U. (2009)
Turning Point (2009)
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Lives of Omission

Traditional Chinese 潛行狙擊
Simplified Chinese 潜行狙击
Literal meaning "Sneak Attack"

Lives of Omission is a 2011 Hong Kong action crime thriller television series produced by TVB under executive producer Chong Wai-kin. The drama is a spin-off of TVB's successful television crime drama E.U. and a distant sequel to the 2009 film Turning Point, with Michael Tse reprising his role as "Laughing Gor." Lives of Omission premiered on 1 August 2011[1] and ended on 9 September 2011 with a total of 30 episodes.[2] It is Hong Kong's second highest-rating serial drama of 2011, and won Best Drama at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards.

Lives of Omission centers on a squad of undercover officers from the Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) of the Hong Kong Police Force, who are closely following the activities of Yee Fung (義豐), a large triad society. Experienced undercover officer Laughing (Tse), station sergeant of the CIB, promises to help gangster Michael (Bosco Wong) move up in the triad under the circumstance that he works as Laughing's informant.


After Laughing (Michael Tse) successfully completes a long term undercover mission in Mainland China, CIB Director Superintendent Harry Kung (Damian Lau) recruits Laughing into his department to become a teacher to new recruits. On Laughing's very first day, he encounters woman that greatly resembles his former lover, Karen (from the film); she is Laughing's new commander and second lead in CIB, Senior Inspector Jodie Chau (both played by Fala Chen). Together, their assignment is to recruit and train rookies in the art of undercover. However, things do not go as smoothly as desired.

Laughing exhibits an unprofessional attitude in the CIB HQ and does many things without informing fellow agents; it often causes everyone to question his motives. While recruiting for new agents, he manages to reserve one agent for himself to choose. He ultimately chooses Lap Ching (Jin), a talented but problematic rookie under his wing. With their team assembled, they begin training them in the art of undercover police investigation and the methods of the trade.

For years, the CIB has been trying to crack down the one of Hong Kong's largest triads, Yee Fung. As both a means of training and to investigate against Yee Fung, Laughing and Jodie have their rookies investigate Lat Keung (Spicy Ginger, Ben Wong). To further dig deeper into Yee Fung's group, Lap Ching was sent in as a low-level gang and pimp to feed CIB information as they work, one of Yee Fung's major figureheads. In between this time, Laughing chooses to work with Michael So (Bosco Wong), a crippled low-level gangster in Yee Fung. Seeing his ambition, Laughing and Michael has a mutual manipulative relationship to help each other benefit in their own situation. Ultimately, the operation is considered a success as it detains and charges many of Spicy Ginger's group in illegal prostitution and racketeering. In the process, Michael raises within the ranks of Yee Fung and gains notoriety.

The results of the mission do not sit well with Laughing as he knows Michael went behind his back and did many things to help himself rise; unfortunately, even with Laughing's skills, he can not take down Michael. Using his intellect, Michael quickly rises higher and eventually becomes the leader of his own group within Yee Fung. Using the power of the internet, he creates brand new inventive ways to sell drugs at a record pace.

Laughing tries to help another rookie go undercover in attempt to stop Michael, but the process leaves his agent brain damaged and reduced to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. In order to stop Yee Fung, Laughing agrees to become an undercover agent for a fourth time. Using his frustration over his rookie's demise as a ploy, Laughing creates a situation where his behavior could no longer be tolerated by the Police Force and have him kicked out and even sent to jail. All of this trouble to establish his credibility to be considered by Yee Fung.

Not long after, Yee Fung's Dragon Head, Mok Yat-lit (Cheung Kwok-keung), notices Laughing's talents and recruits him as his new star member. Working alongside Michael, the duo begin to gain territories and investments which impresses all of Yee Fung. In between undercover work, Laughing and Jodie become romantically involved. Being Laughing's handler, Jodie tries to keep their relationship professional, but Laughing doesn't make it easy for her. In order to dig in deeper for dirt on Mok Yat-lit, Laughing wins the heart of Yat-lit's mistress to discover his secret cocaine stash. However, to their surprise, Yat-lit escapes capture because he has planted a mole within CIB.

Ultimately, Yat-lit is sent to jail. Under the advice of his lawyers, he manipulates his mistress to take the fall for the bulk of his recent crimes and he agrees to plead guilty under lesser charges for a few months in jail. However, even in jail, Yat-lit's influence on Yee Fung still remains strong. Sensing the ambitious nature of Michael, he has one of his lieutenants kill Michael; ironically, the lieutenant sides with Michael and has him killed in the jail shower. After his death, Michael wins the election and becomes the new Dragon Head of Yee Fung.

After gaining Yee Fung, Michael sets his sights to greater goals by joining a secret black organization: ETHER. Ether is a group of influential businessmen that share their resources together to mutually gain greater riches than either could've done individually. Ether eventually fell as Laughing's interventions eventually leads to the downfall of both Ether and Yee Fung. The majority of the Ether members escape, but they were all suspicious of Michael as one of them heard from a police mole that Michael had damaging evidence against them in his home. To prevent further doubt, Michael blames it all of the accusations on his wife, Paris (Kate Tsui). He then shoots her and throws her body over the water to prevent further doubt. However, all the Ether members are eventually tracked and arrested, except for Michael.

During a confrontation with Michael, Jodie is captured as a hostage in an industrial building. When the members of Ether were arrested, their utility rings were also confiscated. These rings contained an alarm system as well as a laser decoder that flashed the numbers of a secret account containing vast riches. With all except Michael arrested, Michael is left to gain access to that secret account. The hostage situation doesn't go well; Michael has to flee, but he flings Jodie over the hangar to her death. Enraged with her death, Laughing lures Michael out and kills him by shooting him in the chest. After the cops arrive, Laughing is arrested and found guilty of murder. For his crime, he is jailed for life.

After these occurrences, director Kung retired from CIB. Lap Ching would become a decorated CIB agent and returned to the undercover life. It was revealed that Paris's death was faked. In a letter, Michael explained their ploy to gain control of Ether could've been too much if exposed; the only way to gain trust was to fake her death. Paris had secretly hidden herself in a country house for untold time to avoid the lash of Ether. Laughing continues to live out his life sentence in jail, but under the hateful watch of criminals he helped incarcerate.

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A costume fitting was held on 7 March 2011 at Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One at 12:30PM.[2][3] and filming started on 21 March and wrapped up on 5 July where a hot pot banquet was held in Senfuku located in Tsim Sha Tsui at 8:30PM.[4]


Viewership ratings

The following is a table that includes a list of the total ratings points based on television viewership. "Viewers in millions" refers to the number of people, derived from Jade ratings (including HD Jade), in Hong Kong who watched the episode live. The peak number of viewers are in brackets.

Week Episode(s) Average points Peaking points Viewers in millions (peak) References
1 — 5
1.85 (2.11)
6 — 10
1.91 (2.17)
11 — 15
1.91 (2.11)
16 — 19
1.98 (2.11)
20 — 24
1.98 (2.17)
25 — 30
2.10 (2.55)
29 — 30
2.23 (2.55)


Year Award Category Recipient Result Top 5
2011 Ming Pao Anniversary Awards 2011 Outstanding Programme Lives of Omission Nominated  
Outstanding Actor in Television Michael Tse Nominated  
Bosco Wong Nominated  
Outstanding Actress in Television Kate Tsui Nominated  
Fala Chen Nominated  
Outstanding Crew in Television Chong Wai-kin Nominated  
My AOD Favourites Awards My Favourite Drama Series Lives of Omission Nominated Entered
My Favourite Actor in a Leading Role Michael Tse Nominated Entered
Bosco Wong Nominated
My Favourite Actress in a Leading Role Fala Chen Nominated Entered
My Favourite Actor in a Supporting Role Damian Lau Nominated Entered
Ben Wong Nominated Entered
Cheung Kwok-keung Nominated
My Favourite Promising Actress Mandy Wong Nominated  
My Favourite On Screen Couple Michael Tse and Fala Chen Won Entered
Bosco Wong and Kate Tsui Nominated Entered
My Favourite Drama Theme Song Michael Tse Won  
My Favourite Top 15 Drama Characters Michael Tse Won  
Bosco Wong Won  
Fala Chen Won  
TVB Anniversary Awards Best Drama Lives of Omission Won Entered
Best Actor Michael Tse Nominated Entered
Bosco Wong Nominated Entered
Best Actress Fala Chen Nominated Entered
Kate Tsui Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Ben Wong Won Entered
Derek Kok Nominated Entered
Best Supporting Actress Elena Kong Nominated
My Favourite Male Character Michael Tse Nominated Entered
Bosco Wong Nominated Entered
Jin Au-yeung Nominated
My Favourite Female Character Fala Chen Nominated Entered
Kate Tsui Nominated
Most Improved Male Artiste Jin Au-yeung Won  
Most Improved Female Artiste Mandy Wong Nominated  
Youku Drama Awards Top 10 Dramas of the Year Lives of Omission Won  
Best Actor of the Year — HK/Taiwan Michael Tse Won  
Best Actress of the Year — HK/Taiwan Fala Chen Nominated  


A direct film sequel to this drama, titled Turning Point 2 (《Laughing Gor之潛罪犯》) started filming in October. Tse will continue to reprise his role, whereas Wong and Chen, whose characters both died, may return in cameo roles. Veteran actor Francis Ng has also been confirmed to join the film.[12] Miss Hong Kong 2011 winner Rebecca Zhu will play the female lead. Wong, Tsui and Au-yeung will also participate in the film whereas Chen, due to the death her character, will not take part.[13] New cast members include Chapman To, Kara Hui, Janice Man, Liu Kai-chi, King Kong Lee, Ram Cheung and Lau Siu-ming. The premiere of the film was held on 19 December and was theatrically released on 29 December 2011.

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