Feng Shaofeng

Feng Shaofeng
Chinese name 馮紹峰 (traditional)
Chinese name 冯绍峰 (simplified)
Pinyin Féng Shàofēng (Mandarin)
Birth name Feng Wei
Born (1978-10-07) October 7, 1978
Shanghai, China
Other name(s) William Feng
Occupation Actor
Label(s) Huayi Brothers
Years active 2001-present
This is a Chinese name; the family name is Feng.

Feng Shaofeng (born October 7, 1978), born Feng Wei (simplified Chinese: 冯威; traditional Chinese: 馮威; pinyin: Féng Wēi), also known as William Feng, is a Chinese actor. He is currently an artist under the management of Huayi Brothers. He was ranked number 33rd on 2012 Forbes China Celebrity 100 List.[1]

Feng, with the movie The Monkey King 2 has joined the elite group of actors whose films have grossed over 1 billion yuan at the Chinese box office.[2]

Early life

Feng was born in Shanghai, China as the only child of an affluent family. His father is in the textile business.[3] Strongly influenced by his artistic mother, Feng began taking violin lessons and participating in various extracurricular activities when he was a child. Upon graduating from high school, he applied to the Shanghai Theater Academy and was accepted with scholarship.[4]


Beginnings and Recognition

Feng made his acting debut in 1998, taking on several supporting roles. He has appeared in several television series, including Boy & Girl, Wind and Cloud 2, Assassinator Jing Ke, Sigh of His Highness, and The Conquest. The Conquest introduced him to Hong Kong audiences.

In 2007, Feng gained more attention after starring in a grand production drama by Hong Kong's TVB and mainland China's CCTV, The Drive of Life. He acted as a couple with Myolie Wu, and they were given the nickname, "Fenolie".

In 2008, he starred in the period drama Yun Niang alongside Ady An and Leanne Liu, which achieved #1 in ratings upon its premiere on SMG. Feng once again starred alongside Ady An in Four Women Conflicts. The drama aired on Shanghai Television in 2009, and he won the Fujian TV Station's "I Love My Drama Award" for Audience's Most Favorite Actor.

In 2010, Feng played the role of Liu Zhang and was again paired up with Myolie Wu in Beauty's Rival in Palace.

Rising Popularity and Big Screen Ventures

Feng rose to mainstream popularity after starring in Yu Zheng's television series, Palace in 2011. The series became a commercial hit, placing first in its ratings slot nationally, and gained one of the highest viewership ratings of the year; online views also went on to surpass the 100 million mark. His role as the arrogant yet gentle eighth prince, Yin Si, was well-loved by the audience. Feng won the Most Influential TV actor at the 2011 Sina Web Festival and the Most Valuable TV Actor at the 2011 TV Drama Awards.

In the same year, he starred in the historical film, White Vengeance. The movie became the opening film at the Pyongyang Film Festival, receiving enthusiastic response and good critical reception. For his performance in the film, Feng won the Most Commercially Valuable Newcomer award at the 2011 Harbin Film Festival. Feng placed 41st on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list for 2011.

In 2012, he starred in Painted Skin: The Resurrection, the sequel to the 2008 movie, and acted alongside Fan Bingbing in Double Xposure. Feng was then chosen as GQ's Man of the Year, based on his outstanding performance on the big screen. He moved up 8 ranks to place 33rd on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 list.

In 2013, Feng took on the role of the titular Lan Ling Wang in the historical series Prince of Lan Ling, which he also took part in producing. The series started airing in August 2013, and gained him more recognition in Taiwan. In September, he starred in the action film Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon, for which he won the Most Popular Actor award at the 2014 Beijing Student Film Festival.

In 2014, Feng starred in the road trip comedy The Continent, directed by Han Han. He then starred in Ann Hui's independent film The Golden Era, portraying the famed writer Xiao Jun.

In 2015, Feng starred in the Chinese-French co-production Wolf Totem, where he plays a Chinese student who is sent to Inner Mongolia to teach shepherds and instead learns about the wolf population. Feng won Best Actor at the 33rd Hundred Flowers Awards for his performance. He was also cast in the science fiction film The Three-Body Problem.

Success in films

With the release of The Monkey King 2 in February 2016, Feng officially joined the elite group of actors whose films have grossed over 1 billion yuan at the Chinese box office.

On July 24 2016, Ice Fantasy which starred Feng as both the male lead and the producer, premiered on Hunan TV. The series is based on the novel City of Fantasy written by Guo Jingming, and boasts an unprecedented investment for a television drama. Shortly after, he reunited with Ice Fantasy co-star Victoria Song in My Best Friend's Wedding, a Chinese remake of the 1997 film.

Feng's upcoming projects are the fantasy film Yi Dai Yao Jing with Liu Yifei, upcoming drama The Starry Night, The Starry Sea, based on Tong Hua's novel of the same name and The Monkey King 3, the sequel to The Monkey 2.



Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
2004 Brush Up My Sisters 百分百刑警 Dan
2006 Dragon Gate Station 龙门驿站之嚎月 Hou Feng
2011 White Vengeance 鸿门宴 Xiang Yu
2012 Painted Skin: The Resurrection 画皮2 Pang Lang[5]
Double Xposure 二次曝光 Liu Dong
Threads of Time 柳如是 Chen Zilong
Tai Chi 0 太極之零開始 Chen Zaiyang
Tai Chi Hero 太極2 英雄崛起 Chen Zaiyang
2013 Young Detective Dee: Rise of the Sea Dragon 狄仁傑之神都龍王 Yuchi
Love Will Tear Us Apart 我想和你好好的 Jiang Liangliang
2014 Snow Blossom 大寒桃花开 Da Han filmed in 2004
The Continent 后会无期 Han Dong
The Golden Era 黄金时代 Xiao Jun
2015 Wolf Totem 狼图腾 Chen Zhen
Dragon Blade 天将雄师 Huo Qubing Special appearance
2016 The Monkey King 2 西游记之三打白骨精 Tang Sanzang
The Bodyguard 特工爺爺 Doctor Hu Cameo
My Best Friend's Wedding 我最好朋友的婚礼[6] Li Ran
2017 The Three-Body Problem 三体 Wang Lin
Yi Dai Yao Jing 一代妖精
2018 The Monkey King 3 西遊記之女兒國 Tang Sanzang


Year Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1998 Shaonian Xu Beihong 少年徐悲鸿 Xu Beihong
Xingxing Chuan 星星串 Wen Jun
Pudong Geyao 浦东歌谣 Red Guard
2000 Shangcheng Meiyou Yewan 商城没有夜晚 Bai Ling
Actually Don't Want to Go 其实不想走 Shen Jiaju
2001 Rising 崛起 Li Jinsong
Father Goes Forward 老爸向前冲 Chen Mingyuan
Love Password 爱情密码 Hao Lei
2002 Illusion 镜花水月 Ren Weijian
Boy & Girl 男才女貌 Yin Shan
2003 Wind and Cloud 2 风云2 Huaikong
2004 First Lover 初恋情人 Fang Zhenwen
Assassinator Jing Ke 荆轲传奇 Crown Prince Dan of Yan
The Legend of Hero 中华英雄 Li Qianjun
First Kind of Crisis 第一种危机 Tong Gang
2005 Sigh of His Highness 一生为奴 Ronglu
2006 The Conquest 争霸传奇 Crown Prince You
Deep Night 夜深沉 Song Xinsheng
2007 The Drive of Life 岁月风云 Wah Chun-man
Special Policewoman 非常女警 Han Yue
2008 Yun Niang 芸娘 Lu Haozhong
Women's Flowers 女人花 Wu Yusheng
One Thousand Teardrops一千滴眼泪 Meng Shaobai
Rose Martial World玫瑰江湖 Cen Yetong
2009 Traveling to Tiger Mountain再向虎山行 Rong Kuan
Four Women Conflict锁清秋 Shen Chaozong
The Diamond Family钻石豪门 Shi Junchao
A Husband and Wife夫妻一场 Qiu Li
2010 Ghost Catcher - Legend of Beauty天师钟馗之美丽传说之美丽之罪 Huang Bingcheng
Beauty's Rival in Palace美人心计 Liu Zhang
The Girl in Blue 佳期如梦 Meng Heping
Horizon True Heart天涯赤子心 Zheng Shixian
Xia Family's Three Daughters夏家三千金 Zheng Yunhai
2011 Journey to the West 西游记 Erlang Shen
Palace Yinsi
The Emperor's Harem 后宫 Yang Yong
Symphony of Fate 命运交响曲 Liu Chenxi
2012 Legend of the Military Seal 虎符传奇 Lord Xinling
Beijing Love Story 小城大爱 Ouyang Yifei
2013 Prince of Lan Ling 兰陵王[7] Gao Changgong (Prince of Lanling) Producer
2016 Ice Fantasy 幻城 Ka SuoProducer
2017 The Starry Night, The Starry Sea 那片星空那片海 Wu Julan

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Year Title Album Notes
2002 Moon Flower (月亮花) The Love Story in the Fantasyland OST
2011 My Only Lover (唯一的恋人)
2012 Song of Chu (楚歌) White Vengeance OST Sung with Crystal Liu
2012 A Hundred Years of Revolution (百年轮回) Fantasy Zhu Xian 2 theme song


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