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The Digitas NewFront is an annual marketing conference first held during Internet Week New York. Hosted by Digitas and its brand content entity, The Third Act, the event's stated purpose is to "bring together content creators, distributors, talent and brands to harness creative media opportunities made possible in the age of digital marketing". In 2009, it was broadcast via public webcast.[1] The event was produced by Amanda Anderson.


First launched in 2008, the event was titled "Digital Content NewFront". The event title was later shortened to "The NewFront" with the stated mission to "explore and help evolve the brand content and distribution landscape". The event showcased online video content companies like 60 Frames, MySpaceTV, MTV New Media, Generate, Next New Networks and Vuguru. Speakers and panelists included Michael Eisner, CEO of Tornate and Vuguru, former Disney CEO and Dmitry Shapiro, the founder of Veoh Networks.[2]

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